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PDF Library Control in .NET

Create and Display PDFs in .NET

ComponentOne gives you rich PDF APIs for viewing, printing, exporting, searching and creating documents in your .NET applications. 

  • Read, export, print, and search PDFs in code using PDF DocumentSource
  • Embed and view PDF documents using ComponentOne FlexViewer
  • Generate PDFs from scratch using our classic PDF for .NET Standard
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Why Choose ComponentOne PDF?

Increase Productivity


The document rendering is optimized with DirectX and SVG on screen, and allows for maximum compression upon export for fast file saving.

Cross Platform Chart


Create PDFs in any .NET platform using the .NET Standard version of C1Pdf. View PDFs in WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, UWP or Xamarin.

Web API Export

PDF/A Compliant

All documents created or exported by ComponentOne libraries are PDF/A compliant which is the standardized document format.


No Dependencies

Every ComponentOne PDF library has no dependency on Adobe Reader for you or your application users.

.NET PDF Viewer and Exporter

View PDFs

FlexViewer is a document and report viewing UI control for displaying and embedding PDFs in your .NET applications. The .NET PDF viewer supports printing, export, thumbnails, rotate pages, search, and responsive layouts for mobile web applications. Load PDFs from files or streams. You can also use its internal PDF DocumentSource to work with PDF files in completely in C# or VB.NET code.

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Print and Export

Load a PDF and then print and export it to other formats including HTML, PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, and GIF. Users can load and export PDFs using the viewer, or you can do everything in code using the PDF DocumentSource component.

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.NET PDF Viewer Additional Features

Embedded Fonts

PDF documents with embedded fonts, such as CFF, TTF, OpenType, and Type1, can be opened without impacting the font style. It means the system font does not replace the original font.

Search and Find Text

You can search text in a PDF document once you open it in FlexViewer, or through code using simple methods to find each occurrence.

Password Protected Files

When exporting a PDF, you can add password protection. That's all there is to it!

.NET PDF Generator

For .NET Framework applications, we also provide a complete PDF generator component. ComponentOne PDF for .NET uses familiar syntax from System.Drawing to generate documents from your C# or VB .NET code. Generate PDFs with text, images, shapes, hyperlinks, form fields, HTML and metafiles. For WPF and UWP applications, you can even generate PDF from UI elements.

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.NET PDF Generator Additional Features

PDF Forms

Add input fields to your documents to create acroforms. Fields allow the end-user to edit the document through checkboxes, radio buttons, comboboxes, textboxes and signature fields.

Fast Rendering and Compression of Metafiles

Choose multiple levels of compression for high quality and small file size. Metafiles are parsed and converted into vector graphics, retaining the best possible resolution. Metafiles are ideal for adding charts or technical drawings to your document.

Protect and Manage Restrictions

Encrypt your generated documents with separate passwords for owners and users. The user's access can be selectively restricted to enable only certain operations, like viewing, copying, printing, or editing the document.

Outlines and Bookmarks

Create long PDF documents with an outline structure displayed as bookmarks. The bookmarks make it easy to browse through a document's structure and find specific topics.

PDF Attachments

Attachments can contain any kind of file, including spreadsheets with detailed information that would clutter the main document, multimedia files with movies and sound, sample code, and other file types.


Through the .NET PDF generator, you can add annotations to PDF files that are created dynamically in code.

.NET PDF Comparison



PDF DocumentSource

PDF for .NET

.NET Framework support

.NET 6+ support

WinForms, WPF and UWP applications

ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core applications

Blazor, WinUI, MAUI and ASP.NET Web Forms applications

Xamarin applications

PDF/A compliant

Read and search existing PDFs

View and display PDFs in your UI

Export existing PDFs to new format

Print existing PDFs

Create new PDFs from scratch

Edit or modify existing PDF

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