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ASP.NET MVC Tab Panel Control

ASP.NET MVC Tab Panel Control

Easily switch between views of content with the ASP.NET MVC TabPanel control.

  • Easily organize multiple pages of content into a single page application
  • Integrate it with a simple unordered list and expand your app's design possibilities
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Why Choose TabPanel for ASP.NET MVC?

Tab Control

Provide Navigation

Use the ASP.NET MVC Tab Panel control as your site's navigation along the top or left side.

SPA Content

Organize SPA Content

Use the ASP.NET MVC Tab Panel control to organize a lot of content on a single page application.


Modern Design

The tab control is designed with a sleek, modern look with slight animation for professional looking web applications.

ASP.NET MVC Tab Panel Key Features

Switch Between Views with Subtle Animation

The ASP.NET MVC TabPanel control allows you to organize multiple panels of content in a single page application. Users can easily switch between views, data sets, or pages of your application with subtle animation so that it's clearer that content has been refreshed.

Organize and Host Content on Multiple Tabs

You can host any control, including other ComponentOne controls like FlexGrid, FlexChart, or Gauges, inside the panels. Add tabs programmatically, disable tabs and the content is automatically refreshed on load. You can also create detached tabs where you provide your own container below the tab headers.