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ASP.NET MVC Pivot Table UI


Create Microsoft Excel-like pivot tables in ASP.NET MVC with ComponentOne OLAP.

  • The smart pivot panel interprets data types and intelligently places fields in an intuitive, modern UI.
  • Connect to multiple data sources including SSAS cubes.
  • Process and aggregate millions of rows in milliseconds.

OLAP for ASP.NET MVC is only available in Studio Enterprise


Why Choose OLAP for ASP.NET MVC?

Excel-Like Design

Familiar Excel-Like Panel Design

The easy-to-use controls are modeled after Microsoft Excel® Pivot Tables, so they're powerful and familiar for all users.

Flex Pivot Slice

Slice and Dice Tabular and Cube Data

Deliver in-depth business intelligence with a pivot UI that slices and dices your tabular and cube data to give users real-time information, insights, and results in seconds.

Record Guage

Process Millions of Records in Milliseconds

Built on a super-charged data engine, ComponentOne OLAP offers a lightning-fast data engine that will give your users more power, speed, and reach than ever before.

Increase Productivity

Increase User Productivity

Includes built-in save and load of views, which saves development time and increases productivity by giving more power to the end-user.

Large Data Sets

Connect Directly to Microsoft SSAS Cubes

Connect to various data sources such as Microsoft SQLServer Analysis Services (SSAS), online or local cubes, or any data table or collection of business objects.

Flex Pivot Page

All-in-One, Code-Free Data Analysis

Just connect the all-in-one OlapPage component to a data source and you have a complete analytical tool including the pivot panel, grid, chart and a toolbar.

ASP.NET MVC Pivot Table Key Features

Smart and Intuitive Pivot Panel

ASP.NET MVC Pivot Fields

Drag and Drop Pivot Fields

Allow users to drag fields into "view" lists representing row, column, value, and filter. The Excel-like panel design feels familiar to users. The panel is "smart" too because it can intelligently place fields based on their data type when you double-click them.

ASP.NET MVC Multiple Values

Aggregate Multiple Values

The pivot panel supports multiple value fields so that you may aggregate and visualize multiple columns per dimension, such as comparing units sold and total revenue. You can even use the same field multiple times, such as total (sum) and total (count).


Slice and Dice Data with the MVC OLAP Slicer

The slicer UI panel provides a quick way to edit filters applied to pivot field objects. It provides buttons the user can click to filter data based on values and indicates the current filtering state. This makes it easy to understand what is shown in the filtered PivotGrid and PivotChart controls.

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Display Data Summaries in PivotGrid

Aggregate and Summarize Data

Aggregate and Summarize Data

Group and aggregate data across the top or down the side of the pivot grid. The PivotGrid is an extension of FlexGrid and supports automatic data binding, grouped row and columns, summaries, resizing columns, filtering data and drill-down details for each cell in the grid.

Outline View Mode

Outline View Mode

With outline mode, the row fields are rendered in an outline format that is more compact and reduces the amount of white space shown on the screen.

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Connect to Multiple Data Sources



Connect the MVC OLAP controls to local data, remote binding, Microsoft SSAS Cubes, or ComponentOne Data Engine Services.

Connect to SSAS Cubes without any server go-between and no need for the server-side API if you already have cubes in place.

With Data Engine Services you can use multiple data sources including SQL Server, SQL-based RDMS servers, NOSQL, web services and structured files.

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Visualize Aggregated Data with PivotChart

MVC Pivot Chart
Convey the same pivot table view in a chart to discover new insights and trends. The PivotChart is an extension of FlexChart and supports multiple chart types, like column, bar, area, scatter, and pie, tooltips, legends and hierarchical axes.

Additional Features

Analyze and Manage Millions of Records

Analyze and handle up to hundreds of millions of records in a fraction of a second. ComponentOne OLAP can handle very large data sets thanks to its powerful data engine that stores data in memory-mapped files using column-oriented technology.

Asynchronous Processing

Asynchronous processing provides a progress bar and background work. Users may also defer updates to the pivot panel to improve performance.

Save and Load Data Views

Allow users to save their views for quick analysis on future runs of the application. The all-in-one pivot page component has built-in saving functionality.

Export Pivot Data to Excel

Export the MVC pivot grid to Excel (XLSX) and save the formatting information in addition to the data. The saved files will include most formatting information including row and column dimensions, fonts, colors, formats, and cell alignment.

Multiple Theme Support

MVC OLAP allows developers to choose a theme that suits their application requirements. To support multiple themes, ASP.NET MVC controls include build in theme support.

Cross-Platform Data Analysis

Get the same pivot table UI across multiple desktop and web platforms: WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript.

ASP.NET MVC Pivot Table Demos



Explore key features for ComponentOne OLAP for ASP.NET MVC. See demos for the pivot grid summaries, remote data binding, SSAS Cube data source, and more.

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