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20+ Modern ASP.NET MVC Themes

ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC Edition includes 20+ professionally designed themes that you can easily apply to your entire application.

  • Quickly apply a theme to your project using our project template wizard
  • Manually set and change themes to existing ASP.NET MVC projects
  • Includes modern themes such as Material and Office
  • Includes high contrast themes for accessibility
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Why Choose Themes for ASP.NET MVC?


Professionally Designed for Modern Apps

Our ASP.NET MVC controls include more than a dozen professionally-designed themes, so you can give your application a modern look.

Quickly Style Apps

Easily Apply Themes

Simply select a theme when you create your MVC application using our project template or set the theme manually.

CSS Styling

CSS Styling

Our ASP.NET MVC controls also support CSS styling, so you can easily create custom styles.

Popular ASP.NET MVC Themes

+18 More

ASP.NET MVC Theme Project Template

Simply select a theme when you create your MVC application using the ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC Application Wizard's Theme option. You can also set themes manually while you're registering resources for your application. The ASP.NET MVC Themes support C# and VB.NET projects.

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