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ASP.NET ListBox Control

The Most Full-Featured ASP.NET MVC ListBox Control

Get the most fully-featured ASP.NET MVC ListBox and multi-select ListBox controls available

  • Display items as HTML or plain text
  • Flexible data binding and selection options
  • Multi-column and grouped layouts available
  • Select-all and filtering included
  • Supports .NET Core MVC Projects
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Why Choose ListBox for ASP.NET MVC?

Large Date Set

Improve the Readability of Your Lists

Make the items in your ListBox more clear by customizing how each is displayed with HTML formatting and templated displays.

Listbox Flexible Layout

Flexible Selection and Layout Options

Multiple selections and display options, like checkboxes and multiple columns, allow the ASP.NET MVC ListBox control to fit any application requirements.

Touch Input

Fits Your Projects Data Needs

Flexible data binding allows easy integration with your application and data structures. The ListBox can even be grouped when bound to a hierarchical data source.

ASP.NET MVC ListBox Key Features

Customize the MVC ListBox Item Display

Customize the MVC ListBox items to display any UI content. You can display plain text or any HTML elements, such as images or additional MVC controls, using the item format event or templates. By customizing the items you will improve the readability of the list.

Flexible Data Binding to Complex Objects

Bind the ASP.NET MVC ListBox to any collection of data. Define the source collection and then configure the display member path and selected value path to define what is displayed and selected in the control. This means you can bind the ListBox items to an underlying value and display another field that is more user-friendly.

Multiple Item Selection with Checkboxes

The additional MultiSelectListBox control is an advanced ListBox control that supports checkboxes for each item, the ability to select all items and a feature to filter the list. You can programmatically retrieve the checked items using the CheckedItems property.

Display Larger Lists with Multiple Columns

Provide a better user experience by displaying your larger lists in a multiple column ListBox. This feature is supported through custom CSS class that defines how many columns to use. The item selection flow moves across rows and then down columns.

Group ListBox Items to Improve Readability

Provide a more intuitive UI with grouping support in the MVC ListBox. Grouped headers, which are not selectable, are generated to better organize the list of items when the show-groups property is set to true and the ListBox is bound to a grouped data source.