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ASP.NET MVC Calendar Control

ASP.NET MVC Calendar Control

The ComponentOne Calendar for ASP.NET MVC displays one or more months and allows users to select a date or date range.

  • Users can quickly navigate through days, months and years
  • Supports date range selection across multiple months
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Why Choose Calendar for ASP.NET MVC?

Quickly Jump to Any Date

Quickly Jump to Any Date

The ASP.NET MVC Calendar has drop-down month and year menus, and a today button, so users can efficiently navigate to any date.


Validate the Selected Dates

Manage the values that users can select from the calendar control. For example, you can prevent the user from selecting weekends.

Improve Readability

Improve Readability with TagHelpers

Create and render HTML elements using server-side code to improve the readability of your code. Learn more.

ASP.NET MVC Calendar Key Features

Display Multiple Months

You can display multiple months in the ASP.NET MVC Calendar control. This is useful for selecting a date range that spans multiple months, such as a flight or hotel reservation. Or, you can configure the control to display a single month.

Date Range Selection

You can restrict the minimum and maximum dates that can be selected, as well as, the number of dates (range) that can be selected.

Date Validation

The ASP.NET MVC Calendar control has a built-in validator that lets you control the type of data or the value that users can select from the calendar control. All you need to do is create a validation function, to allow or restrict the selection of dates by the user. For example, use the Item Validator function to prevent users from selecting Saturdays and Sundays in the calendar control. This kind of validation is useful while planning your work sprints, workout days or diet plan.