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Wijmo Supports Nuxt.js

Wijmo supports Nuxtjs

Nuxt.js is a powerful framework built on Vue.js that enables the development of universal, server-rendered web applications. We are happy to announce official support for Wijmo in Nuxt.js applications.

Wijmo Components for Vue2 allow you to use Wijmo controls in Nuxt.js projects. A Wijmo Vue2 component is a wrapper for the Wijmo control that creates a Wijmo control behind the scenes and provides reference to the control instance via ref property, allowing you to bind to the control properties and events declaratively. 

Using Wijmo in Nuxt.js

Get started by following our Nuxt.js QuickStart. The basic steps to using Wijmo in Nuxt.js are as follows:

  1. Install Wijmo’s Vue packages from npm
    npm install @mescius/wijmo.vue2.all 

  2. Import the Wijmo modules you will be using
    import { WjInputNumber } from '@mescius/wijmo.vue2.input';

  3. Declare component markup in the template
    <script setup> 
    import { ref } from 'vue'; 
    import { WjInputNumber } from '@mescius/wijmo.vue2.input'; //import component 
    const count = ref(3) // variables 
      <wj-input-number v-model:value="count"></wj-input-number><br> 

  4. Add Wijmo CSS
    import '@mescius/wijmo.styles/wijmo.css';

  5. Run the app!

You can also run or fork this Nuxt.js Wijmo sample on StackBlitz.

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