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Wijmo Supports Angular 15

Wijmo Supports Angular 15

The GrapeCity team is happy to announce that Wijmo supports Angular 15! Wijmo has supported Angular since version 1 (AngularJS). We are committed to providing Angular developers with a powerful toolset for building enterprise-grade applications, which is why you can start using Angular 15 applications with Wijmo today!

Wijmo offers a large set of fast, flexible Angular components, each with rich declarative markup. Our top-rated Angular DataGrid includes features like sorting, grouping, searching, Excel-like filtering, DataMaps, custom CellTemplates, sparklines, rich editing, Excel/PDF export, validation, DetailRows, and more.

Note: We tested and verified Wijmo version 5.20222.877 with Angular 15. Please make sure to use this version or later for full Angular 15 support.

Get Started with Wijmo in Angular 15

To get started, you will need to install the Angular v15.0.0 release.

You can then install Wijmo's angular components:

npm install @grapecity/wijmo.angular2.all

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