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Wijmo React Samples Migrated from Class to Functional Components


For many years, Wijmo has offered powerful React components, including the best React DataGrid. We have over 500 React sample applications that demonstrate the many components and features included in Wijmo. Up until now, those applications have been written using class-based components. While Wijmo has always supported both class and functional components, our samples only reflected the class-based model.

Modern React developers have largely adopted functional components as the standard. Therefore, we are happy to do the same. Wijmo has migrated over 500 React sample applications from class component to functional component usage. We hope this change will help React developers learn Wijmo components much more easily. It will also make copying code from our samples more useful to many. 

In addition to the sample, we have also updated our React Quickstart Guide and React Component Documentation to use functional code examples.

These changes are based on your feedback, so thanks to all who shared it!

Visit our demo site to browse our Functional React samples.

If you still use Class components, don’t worry; we still support them! If you ever need Class versions of our React samples, don’t hesitate to contact support, and we will provide them.

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