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Wijmo Build 5.20231.900 Is Available

This build is a hotfix that includes many fixes and even a few enhancements for our customers. This release also includes support for Angular 16. Previous versions of Wijmo will not work in Angular 16 (due to ViewEngine being End of Life). Please upgrade to this version or greater to use Wijmo in Angular 16.

Angular 16 Support

Angular 16

While Wijmo supported the Ivy engine, some complex features (like CellTemplates in FlexGrid) had a dependency on ViewEngine. We have been refactoring these features to only support Ivy. This process also required our TypeScript dependency to be upgraded. These were big changes, so we made them very careful, as quality is our highest priority. We appreciate everyone’s patience during the process.

Now, we are happy to announce that Wijmo fully supports Angular 16. We have a long tradition of support in Angular, including powerful features in markup like Cell Templates in FlexGrid. We believe Wijmo offers the most powerful set of Angular components and the best Angular DataGrid in the market.

IMPORTANT: We tested and verified Wijmo version 5.20231.900 with Angular 16. Please make sure to use this version or later for full Angular 16 support. Additionally, this build and all future builds of Wijmo will only work with Angular 15 and up (technically, Wijmo works in Angular 14 if you set skipLibCheck to true in TS compiler options). This is due to Angular requiring TypeScript 4.8 and up. Wijmo itself can be used with TypeScript 3.2, but Wijmo’s Angular modules must require TypeScript 4.8 in order to support the latest Angular releases.

Other Enhancements

  • Added ariaLabel property to FlexGrid Selector

  • Added support for setting height/width of ColumnGroup headers

  • Improved CSP support

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