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Wijmo Build 5.20221.857 is Available

This build is a hotfix that includes many fixes for customer issues. We also snuck in some enhancements for customers, including in FlexGrid, PDF, and more.

Change Log

  • [FlexGrid] Added the property, representing a custom function to search through the data map item (WJM-22709)

  • [FlexGrid][TransposedGrid] Added support for column groups to define multiple columns in the 'collapseTo' property (WJM-22376)

  • [wijmo.pdf] The SVG to PDF converter now supports the text-anchor attribute (WJM-22719)

  • [wijmo.pdf] Added support for the CSS font shorthand property when converting SVG to PDF

  • [FlexSheet] The '%' operator can now be used in expressions with cell references (WJM-22913)

  • [FlexSheet] Request to improve the HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP functions to support table names in the range parameter (WJM-23025)

  • [FlexSheet] Added CONCAT function (WJM-22974)

  • [FlexSheet] Added support for exponential formatting when exporting FlexSheet to Excel (WJM-23206)

Breaking Changes

  • [FlexSheet] Empty strings are no longer treated as 0 when evaluating formulas. (WJM-22735)

  • [FlexSheet] A reference to an empty cell is now evaluated to 0 instead of an empty string

  • [FlexGrid] Cell range for pasting/pasted events take into consideration hidden column(s) (WJM-22873)

  • [Input] If there are Wijmo Input controls on a page that reports invalid input right after the page is loaded, the first input control with invalid input gains the focus instead of the last one as it was in previous builds (WJM-22682)

Ready to see the latest from Wijmo? Download it today!

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