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Wijmo 2023 v2 Has Landed

Wijmo has just shipped its second major release of 2023. This release includes some major accessibility enhancements, FlexGrid improvements, and more. The main focus of this release has been quality, as it includes a huge number of important fixes for customers.

Angular 17 Support

The GrapeCity team is happy to announce that Wijmo supports Angular 17! Wijmo has supported Angular since version 1 (AngularJS). We are committed to providing Angular developers with a powerful toolset for building enterprise-grade applications, which is why you can start using Angular 17 applications with Wijmo today!

Axis Grouping Added to FlexChart

Wijmo’s CollectionView has always supported the grouping of data. FlexGrid has leveraged this for grouping columns and rows, and PivotChart has also supported grouped (aggregate) data. Now, we are happy to announce that grouping support has been added to FlexChart. When FlexChart is bound to a grouped CollectionView and the new axis.groupsOptions's property is set; it will now display visual groups on the axis labels. This has been a popular request from customers, so we are excited to release it!

Grouped Axis FlexChart

Try this Grouped Axis FlexChart sample for yourself.

New Tooltip Trigger

In order to improve our tooltip’s accessibility, we’ve added a new trigger option. You can now choose to show tooltips on focus, whereas previously, we only showed on hover. The options for this new property are hover (default), focus, or both. We recommend using “both” so you don’t break existing behavior but get the added benefit of supporting focus as well.

The base tooltip supports this, and the error tooltip in FlexGrid also as well.

Tooltip Trigger

Focus on High Quality

As Wijmo is used in more and more critical applications worldwide, we continue to put major efforts into improving quality. While this does slow down big new features, it ensures that our customers can feel much more confident in using our components. For the past year, we have made tremendous efforts to close many important customer issues. With issues closing, we expanded our unit and automation tests to cover more use cases. We are proud to say that Wijmo is more stable than ever.

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