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Wijmo 2022 v2 Has Landed

Wijmo has just shipped its second major release of 2022. This release includes support for Angular 14 and React 18 and some enhancements to FlexGrid, FlexChart, and more.

Angular 14 Support

We are happy to announce that Wijmo supports Angular 14! Wijmo has supported Angular since version 1 (AngularJS). We are committed to providing Angular developers with a powerful toolset for building enterprise-grade applications, which is why you can start using Angular 14 applications with Wijmo today!

Wijmo offers a large set of fast, flexible Angular components, each with rich declarative markup. Our top-rated Angular DataGrid includes features like sorting, grouping, searching, Excel-like filtering, DataMaps, custom CellTemplates, sparklines, rich editing, Excel/PDF export, validation, DetailRows, and more.

React 18 Support

We are also proud to announce support for React 18 with this release. React 18 brings concurrent rendering and a new startTransition. All Wijmo components have been updated to support React 18, including the new rendering model. This includes things like rich Cell Templates in FlexGrid!

Wijmo offers a powerful set of React Components with declarative markup, including FlexGrid, the best React DataGrid for enterprise app development.

Note: If you are using <React.StrictMode> with Wijmo in React 18, you will see a warning at build time. We are working to resolve this, but Wijmo components will still behave as expected at runtime.

Accessibility Improvements

Thanks to guidance from one of our closest customers, we have made some nice improvements to accessibility in Wijmo.

Add Captions to Your DataGrid for Screen Readers

One common practice when working with tables is to add a caption to describe what is displayed in the table. This same practice can be applied to ARIA Grid components too.

To make this easy, we have added a new ariaLabel property to FlexGrid. Now you can set the property to what you want screen readers to announce as the caption for your DataGrid. Each grid can have its own ariaLabel setting.


var myGrid = new FlexGrid("#gridElement");
myGrid.ariaLabel = "Product Sales";

Note: Screen readers already read out some information about FlexGrid (like columns, rows, sorting, etc.) So you don’t need to add this information in the caption.

More Improvements made to Accessibility

  • Expand/Collapse state now announced for Grouped rows in FlexGrid
  • Group headers no longer render aria-required attribute
  • DataMap now behaves using a keyboard identical to a mouse (close dropdown on enter key press)

FlexChart Scrollable Legends

For charts with many series, you can now offer scrollbars on legends. We have added legend.scrollbar (boolean) property to enable this feature.

More FlexChart Improvements

  • Added labelMin and labelMax properties for customizing label sizes
  • Added saveSvgToDataUrl() and saveSvgToFile() methods for improved export options

Breaking Changes

  • [GroupPanel][Accessibility] Group headers are "button" instead of being "div" (WJM-24669)

Ready to test out Wijmo's New Improvements? Download a Free Trial Today!


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