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White Paper: MVVM in Silverlight and HTML5/JavaScript


This article describes how you can use the MVVM pattern to develop applications that are easy to test and maintain, using Silverlight and HTML5/JavaScript. The article was written for two groups of developers:

  1. Silverlight developers interested in learning more about HTML5 and JavaScript. The article covers basic aspects of JavaScript programming such as object-oriented patterns and common mistakes made by .NET programmers learning JavaScript.
  2. JavaScript developers interested in learning more about the MVVM pattern that has become the de-facto standard for XAML development, and is gaining popularity in JavaScript development after the introduction of the KnockoutJS library (

The article describes the MVVM pattern in Silverlight and in JavaScript (using the KnockoutJS library). It illustrates the main concepts walking through the implementation of a map-based demographic dashboard application implemented in Silverlight and in HTML5/JavaScript. Continue to full article (PDF).


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