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What's New in XAML 2012 v1

I am pleased to announce the ComponentOne 2012 v1 release is here. XAML is a large focus this release from new controls and themes to our partnership with Esri bringing you world class mapping tools. Let me run-down many of the key new features in Studio for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone.

Maps powered by Esri

ComponentOne has partnered with Esri, the leading online map and GIS provider, to bring you the best mapping tools and UI controls together in one package. Easily transform GIS data into business intelligence. The Maps powered by Esri utilize the powerful mapping, geocoding, and geoprocessing capabilities provided by ArcGIS Server. With Studio for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone you get:

  • Unrestricted access to the Esri Map control and the ArcGIS API.
  • Access to substantial amounts of geographical data made available by Esri.

Check out some live demos that use the ArcGIS API along with several ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight controls.

OrgChart Control

Create organization charts that show the structure and relationships of you data. The new C1OrgChart control leverages the rich data binding mechanisms of XAML to provide a flexible, yet easy-to-use control. This new control is available in Silverlight (4/5) and WPF (4) only. Features include hierarchical data templates, connector line customization, various alignment settings and expand/collapse. See a live demo. See Rich's blog post: OrgChart madness.

6 New WPF Themes

Add style to your UI with built-in support for some of the popular WPF toolkit themes, including Expression Dark, Expression Light, Whistler Blue, Shiny Blue, and Bureau Black. Achieve the classic ComponentOne blue theme used in our Silverlight controls with the new C1Blue theme. All themes are supported in .NET 3.5 and 4.0. You can apply a theme to your entire application or apply it to one individual control or page using the ApplyTheme method. Themes are also supported in XAML.

Windows Phone Calendar

Deliver your own Metro-style calendars with the new C1Calendar control for Windows Phone. Get gesture-based navigation, date range selection and a highly customizable styling model for quick and simple app development. You can alter the appearance of any individual day using a custom template and template selector. Display content within the date blocks, such as appointments from the phone's user data. See Kevin's blog post for some in-depth coverage of this new control.

Four More International Languages

Last year we added localization support for 15 different world-wide languages in all of our Silverlight and WPF controls. This release we add Czech (cs), Greek (el), Polish (pl), and Slovak (sk). See the features list for all supported languages.

UI Automation Support in Silverlight

UI Automation enables accessibility applications, such as screen readers, and quality-assurance (test) code to examine user-interface elements and it enables simulated user interaction from code. The new C1.Silverlight.Automation library is a set of Automation Peer classes for the ComponentOne Silverlight controls. Each AutomationPeer exposes a matching control class to the Microsoft automation framework so the control can be used in automated UI tests. Learn more about automation support.

Other Enhancements

Binding Expressions

  • MVVM Data Binding Improvements. The new C1StaticResource markup extension that extends the "StaticResource" term to support a Path property that allows you to use the object model in resource objects. This is useful for MVVM scenarios where properties you wish to bind to objects that are not DependencyObjects.


  • Enhance your pie charts! The new PieSlice.Offset property makes it easy to set the individual offset for each slice of a pie. Expand and contract slices upon click or provide mouse-over animations.
  • MVVM Data Binding Improvements. The inner axes and series elements now inherit the data context from the parent chart making binding in MVVM scenarios easier to accomplish.


  • Cell Selection and Unselection Improved. You can now select cells by dragging the mouse over the cells, and you can unselect multiple rows or columns through pressing the Control key. Several selection events are also added to support dragging and selecting actions.

DateTime Editors

  • Masked DateTime Input Added. There's a new C1DatePicker control added to the DateTimeEditors library. This new control supports custom date formats and masked input, as well as ClearStyle technology for complete brush customization.


  • Pin Tabs Like Visual Studio! A new CanUserPin property allows users to pin any individual tab like in Visual Studio. Pinned tabs always stay in view.


  • CSV Support. Load and save .csv (Comma Separated Value) formatted files.
  • Cell Merging Improved. C1XLBook now preserves cell merges when adding and removing rows or columns.


  • Custom Aggregates. Added support for custom aggregates. This is useful if you need to provide unusual aggregations that are not already provided by the control.
  • Customize Column Headers. Added the HeaderTemplate property to enable customization of column header cells.


  • MVVM Data Binding Improvements. Added a Source property which can be bound to documents in XAML for common MVVM scenarios.

Most of the enhancements are added for all platforms in which the control exists. You can get the 2012 v1 update by downloading from the web site.

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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