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What's New in ComponentOne 2023 v3

The final release of the year is here! We’re excited to bring you full .NET 8 support across our modern platforms, and the new FlexGrid features you’ve been asking for. Read the full details below.

ComponentOne 2023 v3 Release Highlights:

  • .NET 8 support for all WinForms, WPF, WinUI, MAUI, MVC, and Blazor controls
  • New Rich Text Editor for WinForms .NET 6 & .NET 8
  • Blazor FlexGrid performance enhancements & new features
  • Transposed Datagrid for Blazor, WPF, WinUI & MAUI
  • FlexGrid Summary Row for Blazor & WPF

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.NET 8 Support Across All ComponentOne Editions

.NET 8 is all about performance! By just updating all your libraries to .NET 8-based libraries you can take advantage of the inherit benefits Microsoft has invested in the framework. We’re proud to announce we have quickly made libraries available for every .NET platform (that can support .NET 8, mind you).

The biggest gains in performance can be seen in our Blazor FlexGrid with AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation in WebAssembly. The layout and scrolling performance is five times faster than with .NET 6, thanks to the improvements in .NET 8. Test out the new .NET 8 performance yourself in our Blazor FlexGrid (WASM) demos.

Every control that was previously supported in .NET 6/7 is now available with a new .NET 8 package.

Get started quickly with our .NET 8 controls using the project templates. Search for “C1” when creating a new project and get a pre-configured application for C# or VB. Look for different templates in WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, WinUI & MAUI.

 .NET 8 Winforms

WinForms 2023 v3

New WinForms Editor for .NET 6 & .NET 8

Our rich text editor, C1Editor, was recently rewritten for .NET 6, and the new versions for .NET 6 and 8 now include improved image editing, a new GetInnerHTML method, PDF export, and a SelectedTextChanged event.

 .NET WinForms Image Editor

ComponentOne Editor for WinForms Image Editor

The rich text editor for WinForms manages rich text as HTML, so it has many use cases, such as editing raw HTML for a database record, syntax highlighting for code editors, and presenting a desktop chat app.

 .NET WinForms Chat Demo

ComponentOne Editor for WinForms Chat Demo

Learn more about ComponentOne Editor for WinForms.

More Chart Design-Time Enhancements

In the last release, we improved the design time for FlexChart, and in this update, we’ve expanded similar improvements to the rest of our charting components. Now, you can quickly design charts using FlexPie, FlexRadar, FinancialChart, Sunburst, and TreeMap.

.NET FlexRadar for Winforms 

Plus, you can click anywhere on the chart to open contextual menus related to the chart element, such as legends and headers.

FlexRadar Designer for WinForms .NET

Design-Time Editors in FlexRadar for WinForms

Additional WinForms Improvements

  • FlexReport now supports Linux systems. Host your reporting services on more servers and reach more users
  • C1RadialMenu has new events for menu Opened/Opening, Expanded/Expanding, Collapsed/Collapsing, Closing
  • C1TrueDBGrid.ViewRowHeight property. It allows to set an equal height of the rows in a C1TrueDBGrid with Form or Inverted DataView

See all bug fixes for ComponentOne WinForms Edition.

WPF 2023 v3

FlexGrid Footer & Summary Row

The new 2023 v3 release includes column footer rows in FlexGrid for WPF. The column footer rows allow you to display fixed rows along the bottom of the grid, enabling common scenarios such as a summary row. We’ve also included a specialized type of row called GridSummaryRow that offers built-in aggregation for summarizing column values. At runtime, users can even configure the aggregation.

 .NET WPF Summary Row

FlexGrid for WPF Summary Row

Transposed Grid for WPF

We’ve added a new sample and built-in behavior that demonstrates how to create a WPF transposed datagrid using FlexGrid for .NET 8. A transposed grid flips the rows and columns so that the headers display down the left side and rows display across the screen. You can enable the transposed feature by simply adding one line of XAML, our new TransposedGridBehavior. Check out the sample on GitHub.

 .NET WPF with Transposed Grid Behavior

FlexGrid for WPF with Transposed Grid Behavior

Additional WPF Improvements

  • FlexReport for .NET Standard is now supported on Linux operating systems
  • C1TabControl includes a new PopupStyle property
  • C1ComboBox selection behavior improved. Using the arrows or PageUp/PageDown keys in the drop-down part moves focus to different items but does not change the selection. Now, to select the currently focused item, users should press the Space or Enter key

Download our WPF demos to see new features. See all bug fixes for ComponentOne WPF Edition.

Blazor 2023 v3

Improved Performance with .NET 8 & Blazor WASM

The largest performance improvement we’ve noticed with .NET 8 is within our FlexGrid for Blazor WebAssembly (WASM). This .NET 8 version is, on average, five times faster than the same control in .NET 6 due to the improvements with AOT compilation. And we have some numbers to prove it!

FlexGrid for Blazor WebAssembly Performance Comparison


.NET 6 (time)

.NET 8 (time)


Virtualized cell creation



88%, 8x faster!

Virtualized cell scroll



59%, 2.5x faster!

Non-virtualized cell creation



93%, 13x faster!

Non-virtualized cell scroll



6%, about the same

Test out the new .NET 8 performance yourself in our Blazor FlexGrid (WASM) demos.

Improvements in .NET 8 for Blazor Server

.NET 8 also brings many improvements to Blazor Server, including static server rendering, which you can integrate with ComponentOne controls at no learning cost.

The FlexGrid for Blazor Server also benefits from performance enhancements with .NET 8, especially if you are not using data virtualization to load cells. With virtualization, the performance is about the same with .NET 6. Without virtualization, performance is about twice as fast at creation and scrolling in .NET 8.

FlexGrid Summary Row

Add a fixed summary row to the FlexGrid footer to display column totals. This feature is supported in Blazor by adding a GridSummaryRow to the ColumnFooterRows and then setting the Aggregate property on each column.

<FlexGrid AutoGenerateColumns=false ItemsSource="@list" Style="@("max-height:50vh")">
        <GridColumn Binding="[Col1]" Format="C2" Width="400">
                <GridAggregateFunction Aggregate="GridAggregate.Minimum" />
                <GridAggregateFunction Aggregate="GridAggregate.Maximum" />
                <CountBetweenFunction Minimum="0.5" Maximum="0.7" Caption="Between[0.5]And[0.7]({value:N0})" />
        <GridColumn Binding="[Col2]" Format="N2" Aggregate="GridAggregate.Std" />
        <GridColumn Binding="[Col3]" Format="N0" Aggregate="GridAggregate.Count" />
        <GridColumn Binding="[Col4]" Aggregate="GridAggregate.Minimum" />
        <GridSummaryRow  />

 Blazor Summary Row

FlexGrid for Blazor Summary Row

Additionally, you can now freeze rows at the bottom of the grid using the FrozenBottomRows property.

New Blazor Transposed Grid View for FlexGrid

Our flexible FlexGrid for Blazor now supports a transposed view for .NET 8, where the column headers display down the left side, and rows display horizontally. You can enable the transposed feature by simply adding one line of markup to your FlexGrid: TransposedGridBehavior.

<FlexGrid ItemsSource="customers">
        <TransposedGridBehavior />

 Transposed FlexGrid for Blazor

Transposed FlexGrid for Blazor

Check out our Blazor WebAssembly demos.

Data Services 2023 v3

Snowflake Data Connector Library

Our DataConnectors continue to grow with added APIs for connecting and querying Snowflake tables and views. You can extract, transform, and load data from Snowflake through our C# libraries using the same API as other data sources like Dynamics, OData, JSON, and more.

Rowscan for File Connector Types

In the 2023 v3 release, we also added rowscan - a new data type discovery scheme for file-based connectors, such as CSV and JSON, which scans a certain number of rows in order to determine the data type of a column. This feature is helpful for automatically identifying column data schemas.

WinUI & MAUI 2023 v3

New Project Templates for ComponentOne WinUI & MAUI Controls

You can get started more quickly with ComponentOne controls for WinUI & MAUI using our Visual Studio 2022 project templates.

When you create a new project, you can select the C1 “GridApp” Template and get a ready-to-go app that showcases our FlexGrid control. This is a quick way to test the control as the references and a data source are pre-programmed for you.

 WinUI GridApp Project Template

ComponentOne WinUI GridApp Project Template


Transposed Grid for WinUI & MAUI

Similar to WPF and Blazor, we’ve added support for creating a transposed datagrid in WinUI 3.0 and MAUI. A transposed grid flips the rows and columns so that the headers display down the left side and rows display across the screen. Get full touch support with snapback animation, column (row) header dragging, and more. You can enable the transposed feature by simply adding one line of XAML, our new TransposedGridBehavior. Check out the sample on GitHub here.

WinUI FlexGrid with Transposed Grid Behavior

WinUI FlexGrid with Transposed Grid Behavior

Ready to Check Out the Latest from ComponentOne? Download a 30-Day Free Trial Today!

Find information on past updates on our releases page.

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