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ASP.NET - What's New for C1Studio Web Forms and MVC Controls

We are pleased to announce that 2016 V1 adds new business controls and capabilities to various C1Studio ASP.NET Editions. MVC Edition now has a new FlexSheet control that enables you to build spreadsheet like apps for the web, and we're also launching FlexViewer as beta. FlexViewer lets users view .NET reports built with FlexReport on the web. Save time building MVC applications with scaffolding support for our MVC Edition controls, FinancialChart gets powerful analytical tools. Web Forms Edition continues to add features to major controls based on feedback from the community.

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Here's a brief introduction to each new control and feature:


FlexSheet: A Web-Based MVC Spreadsheet Control

ASP.NET MVC FlexSheet Excel like App with FlexSheet Produce an Excel-like experience in your web app with FlexSheet, a fast, lightweight control allowing users to import spreadsheets, apply formulas, format and freeze cells, undo/redo, and export data to Excel. Add Excel-like spreadsheets to your applications and give your users a powerful and familiar tool for analyzing data.

  • UnBound and DataBound Sheets
  • Formulas
  • Context Menu
  • Formatting, Undo/Redo
  • Sorting, Filtering, Freezing Cell, Merging
  • Client Excel IO & Server side Asynchronous Remote Load\Save
  • Save\Load from JSON

Demos and Samples

FlexReport: Design and view reports

Build fast, sleek reports with FlexReport. With feature-rich controls, a lightning-fast PDF exporter, and a small footprint, FlexReport offers all the power and speed you're looking for in a reporting app — and with enhanced Crystal Reports compatibility and project conversion, you'll be able to migrate in no time. FlexReport consists following components in V1:

FlexViewer: HTML5 Report Viewer

This HTML5 Viewer renders pixel-perfect SVG-based reports. The viewer has built-in features for various export formats, printing, parameterised reports, zooming, search, thumbnails, TOC, keyboard navigation, single and continuous page mode. ASP.NET MVC FlexViewer FlexViewer

FlexReport Web API

This ASP.NET Web API communicates with FlexViewer in order to render reports. It includes APIs for reports, loading, parameters, exporting and caching. FlexReport WebAPI FlexReport WebAPI

FlexReport Designer

Design reports with this standalone Windows-based report designer. FlexReport Designer App FlexReport Designer App



Create controllers and views in a flash with scaffolding for ComponentOne MVC Edition. Scaffolding lets you configure the controller and views using wizards that have extensive feature categories for each control. For example, scaffolding for FlexGrid allows you to connect to a model and generate CRUD operations based on it, additionally it lets you set various out of the box features of FlexGrid. Similarly Input scaffolding lets you create Index, Edit, Create, Details and Delete screens with various MVC Edition input controls.

We will continue to add scaffolding for other controls in next releases.

FlexGrid Scaffolder FlexGrid Scaffolder

Financial Chart

We've added more analytical tools to our Financial Chart control

  • New FinancialChart overlays: Bollinger Bands & Moving Average Envelopes.
  • New FinancialChart indicators: Average True Range, Relative Strength Index, Commodity Channel Index, Williams %R, MACD/MACD Histogram, Stochastic Oscillator.
  • New Fibonacci Extensions for FinancialChart: Fans, Arcs, Time zones.

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ASP.NET Web Forms Edition


C1GridView now supports filtering in C1TemplateField, the column will be filtered if the FilterOperator and FilterValue properties are set. End-user filtering is allowed if the DataField property is set and ShowFilter is set to true. GridView Cell Template Filtering GridView Template Filtering


C1Calendar now allows you to set the initial view of the calendar, for example you could set the initial view to all months of the year or year view or day view. To enable this behaviour you just need to set the InitialView property of the calendar control to "Day", "Month" or "Year". ASPNET_WebCalendar View ASP.NET Web Forms Control Explorer

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