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Recapping the Top Blog Posts of 2013 – Part 2

As promised, here the second part of the two part series highlighting the top blogs of 2013. Last time we ended with number 10 and today I will review 11-20. 11. How to: Create Pages of Mixed Orientation in ActiveReports In this blog, Mohita discuss a workaround that can be used to show some of pages of the report in Portrait Orientation while some in Landscape Orientation. 12. Using ReportViewer in MVC Take a look at how you can use this popular Control in an MVC application that uses the Razor View Engine. 13. jQuery is undefined in Visual Studio 2013 Preview Discussed a work around in Visual Studio 2013 Preview that was later addressed in the RC. 14. HTML5 Everywhere: Part 2 Wijmo in LightSwitch CTP A tutorial on using Wijmo with the Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client. 15. WinRT XAML (Part 7) PDF Viewer A quick start guide on using PdfViewer for WinRT XAML. 16. ComponentOne 2013 Roadmap ComponentOne’s CTO shares insight into the year ahead. 17. ActiveReports: Reorder Groups Programmatically How the re-ordering of groups can be implemented in ActiveReports with the help of the DataField property of the Groups. 18. Load Images in C1DataGrid for Silverlight using WCF Here Anupam discuss displaying images using C1DataGrid for Silverlight. 19. The Making of WorkSpace Part 2: Opening and Saving Files In this blog post series Greg discusses the making of the ComponentOne WorkSpace app for Windows 8. 20. C1FlexGrid: Filtering Image Column Describes an alternative solution to customize C1FlexGrid to simulate image filtering. If your favorite didn’t make the list, drop me a line and share your favorite.


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