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Recap: NYC Windows Phone User Group Feb 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out and for all the good questions--we had a great learning session. Remember, no one can tell my daughter I was in New York City, especially because when we're coming back was literally the first thing she asked me after I got home. Here are the promised downloads from the meeting. Remember, I'm showing here two .NET specific ways to query the DataMarket. All of the datasets can be queried via OData's REST-ful interface, too, but that's a different talk. You can download the slides for this talk at WP7 + DataMarket Slides. Flexible Queries Resources I have a blog post showing the flexible query portion of the session, including how to sign up for the Azure DataMarket, and where to find your account key, at Flexible Queries Against Azure DataMarket in Windows Phone 7. ComponentOne and Microsoft teamed up for the Let's Build Something Mobile workshops, for which I created the Let's Build Something Mobile Workbook; it's very similar to the blog post, but is a handy PDF. Finally, the code sample I used can be downloaded from Flexible Query Code Sample. Fixed Queries Resources The fixed query sample is the simpler of the two, since I give it second in the talk. The workbook is pretty much an explanation of the code, so it assumes you're looking at the sample. You may need to read through the flexible query workbook for some of the background information. You can download the workbook at Fixed Queries Workbook, and the code sample from Fixed Query Code Sample. Studio for Windows Phone For interactive and data driven applications, look to Studio for Windows Phone to enhance your apps. Over 20 controls designed and optimized for the Windows Phone platform, with our unique ClearStyle technology to provide easy and consistent styling throughout your application.


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