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Mail Merge with C1Report in Silverlight

Mail Merge is a useful feature and it helps generating multiple documents from a single template. Lets see how we can use C1Report to implement a Mail Merge feature in Silverlight. The attached sample uses a C1Report object at server to create reports and later stream these reports to the Silverlight client. Following points summarize the basic implementation of the blog content:

  1. Allow user to select a required report template.
  2. Get all the report fields from the selected report template.
  3. Create a DataTable (for report's DataSource) based on the user input.
  4. Stream the DataTable back to the server and create a report based on the data entered by the user.
  5. Stream the report back to the server in a PDF format which is then displayed inside C1ReportViewer.

Refer to the attached sample for complete implementation. Download Sample


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