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Introducing high-speed Excel and PDF Library for .NET Core

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new product line to GrapeCity's family of components. GrapeCity Documents currently includes Documents for Excel and Documents for PDF, both .NET Edition and including support for .NET Core. The products are available separately for purchase.

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Why use document libraries?

Productivity, efficiency and security are key aspects of document management and the reasons why organizations today are shifting from paper documents to digital document management. With trillions of electronic data floating over the web, documents are being generated from data, reports, analysis, collaborations and user inputs for storage, retrieval of data or sharing across at runtime everyday. Organizations have automated these processes, and several software applications are working with documents to process data.

Not only that, but data is dynamic, keeps changing everyday, and these applications handle updating the documents periodically by loading them, modifying the content, and saving them back again.

Document libraries need to generate documents from data and convert documents from one format to another.

When documents are managed through .NET applications, developers need document libraries that have a detailed and rich feature set in order to manage documents for complex business cases and multiple formats like PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Document-generating APIs should be able to save data in these formats—in other words, they need to generate documents from data and convert documents from one format to another.

Beyond document generation, users use these documents. They view and edit, perform operations, sign them, apply changes, and save them back. They share them within organizations, email them, print them, and archive them. Our full Documents product line is designed to be fast, efficient, and expand your deployment capabilities.

Here's what you'll get with GrapeCity Documents.

Full .NET Core support for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Develop for any .NET platform, for major operating systems, with a single code base. Get started with Documents for Excel API | Get started with Documents for PDF API

Work with documents on any device

High performance APIs with a small footprint

GrapeCity Documents are fast, memory and resource efficient. The lightweight architecture of these libraries makes them efficient tools that offer high performance, memory efficiency, and thread safety while generating or modifying PDF and Excel documents.

Pareto chart with calculations in Documents for Excel

Generate large documents in Documents for PDF

Rich feature set to solve complex business needs

Based on industry-standard specifications, the GrapeCity Documents object models are rich and extensive in features. Documents for PDF's object model conforms to a large part of Adobe PDF specification 1.7, while Documents for Excel's object model is based on MS Excel VSTO. Both libraries have a comprehensive API to generate feature-rich documents from the data you provide.

Example of object models

Generate, load, modify, analyze, and save documents

You can generate PDF and Excel documents and load any PDF and XLSX documents into the object model and access the elements. With Docs for PDF, you can load any PDF file and modify PDF elements like adding, deleting, moving, or modifying existing pages and content streams, and text search on all or selected pages, and save them back. With Docs for Excel, you can load any XLSX document and access all its contents.

No dependency on third-party tools

These libraries have no dependencies on Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, or any third party tools. Users can make use of independent APIs that can generate and work with PDF, Excel documents in .NET applications.

Create a workbook with Documents for Excel API

Create a PDF document with Documents for Excel API

Support for Azure functions and Azure web applications

You can use Documents for Excel with full support with Azure functions and Amazon AWS Lambda. Documents for PDF is fully functional on Azure web applications.

Deploy Documents with Excel to Azure | Deploy to Documents with PDF to Azure

GrapeCity Documents demos and documentations are highly detailed. The demos demonstrate all major features of the products and how to use them with real-time use cases that can help users understand the product much faster and begin using it. The product documentations can be referred to learn any part of the product with demonstration of basic implementations of features and product structure/OM.

Explore Docs for Excel samples | Explore Docs for PDF samples

Key features of GrapeCity Documents

Documents for PDF

  • Rich object model: API conforms to a large part of Adobe PDF specification 1.7
  • Fast and resource efficient in generating new, or working with existing, PDFs.
  • Create, load, manipulate and save PDF Files
  • Full text and Font support supporting multiple languages and RTL support
  • Work with graphics, images, text, bookmarks, hyperlinks, annotations, barcodes, form fields, attachments, document properties
  • Add security and digital signatures
  • Add, remove, reorder pages in existing PDFs
  • Generate linearized PDFs
  • Compress files
  • Supported file formats: PDF 1.3-1.7, PDF/A
  • No need for third-party tool to work with PDFs (like Adobe Acrobat)
  • Full support on Windows, Linux and MAC
  • Learn more about Documents for PDF

Documents for Excel

  • Spreadsheet Document object model based on MS Excel VSTO
  • Pure managed code built for .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Standard 2.0
  • Ultra-fast calculations using Emit to generate dynamic IL (except iOS)
  • Load any XLSX document and access all its content
  • Add comments, charts, conditional formatting, data validation, formula, groups, hyperlinks, page setup, shapes and pictures, styles, sparklines, themes, and tables
  • Work with workbooks, worksheets, pivot and excel tables, filtering data, range operations etc.
  • Integrate directly with any .NET platform (v4.6+)
  • Special support for Spread.Sheets: Load/Save SSJSON server-side
  • Create web services or web applications using .NET Core for generating XLSX or SSJSON content, or performing server-side calculations and returning the results
  • Full support on Windows, Linux, MAC and Mobile
  • Learn more about Documents for Excel

What's coming up next?

In few months GrapeCity Documents will release Documents for Word, a library based on MS Word object model that works with Word documents with no Word dependencies. Developers would able to load DOCX file, access the OM, add, remove, modify objects and save this file to a DOCX File or export it to PDF. More importantly, you can do all this in all applications targeting .NET Core.

Try GrapeCity Documents today

Shilpa Sharma - Product Manager

Shilpa Sharma

Product Manager
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