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What's New in GcDocuments: New APIs for Word, Excel, and More

As promised, we're pleased to announce several additions to the GrapeCity Documents product line: Documents for Word (GcWord), Documents for Excel, Java Edition (GcExcel Java), and Documents for PDF (GcPDF) v2.0.0.

GcWord includes full support for .NET Core, and GcExcel is for Java developers. GcPDF adds powerful features for PDF documents in .NET Core-targeted applications. The products are available separately for purchase.

GrapeCity Documents for Word (GcWord)

A much-anticipated product, GcWord allows users to generate, modify, load, and save Word documents in code with the same high-speed and small footprint that define the GrapeCity Documents product line. GcWord will have an introductory price of $799, which includes Platinum Support. Licensing is the same as for other GCDocuments products.

Top Benefits

  • The new object model, based on Microsoft Office API, Word JavaScript API, and OpenXML SDK, is intuitive and handles complex operations (like text ranges) much more efficiently than the Word API.
  • Specific Word features and functionality are preserved on import/export and not dependent on the API.
  • A wide variety of layout features are supported, including headers, footers, lists, paragraphs, tables, sections, images, and page settings.

Use Cases

  • Convert a Word document to a PDF in code
  • Fill in templates
  • Publish invoices, receipts, and project plans
  • Bibliographies
  • Documents like resumes, journals, flyers, newsletters, and more

Example of Word document

Learn more about Documents for Word API

GrapeCity Documents for Excel, Java Edition

GcExcel Java represents GrapeCity's first foray into the Java development market. GcExcel Java has full feature parity with the .NET Edition, which was recently released with custom functions. No major upgrades will be included in GcExcel edition; the main news is the launch of the Java edition.

Learn more about Documents for Excel, Java Edition

GrapeCity Documents for PDF 2.0

GcPDF has some great new features, including tagged PDFs and merge, split, copy, and move pages between documents. Read about GcPDF 2.0

Current customers can learn how to upgrade to the latest version here.

GrapeCity Documents for Excel 2.0

GcExcel has no new features since Service Pack, but the version number has been moved up to 2.0.

Current customers can learn how to upgrade to the latest version here.

GrapeCity Documents for Imaging Beta

Last but not least, you can beta test our newest API! GcImaging offers all the tools you need to create, crop, resize, and filter images in your .NET apps. Try the GcImaging Beta

Shilpa Sharma - Product Manager

Shilpa Sharma

Product Manager
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