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What's New in GrapeCity Documents v2 Service Pack

We're happy to announce a service pack release for the GrapeCity Documents API line. In v2 sp2, we've made improvements to GcImaging, GcExcel (.NET), GcExcel, Java, GcPdf, and GcWord with more support added and new enhancements. In this release, we're also introducing our new JavaScript-based GrapeCity Documents for PDF Viewer.

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GcImaging v2 Service Pack 2 Highlights

Combine Two Bitmaps into a Single Image

The main highlight of the new GcImaging v2 sp2 is the addition of advanced algorithms to reduce color palettes in large images. This maintains the quality of the images. In addition, more features are added to the API that can help work with and combine images of multiple formats.

  • Read and write multi-frame GIF files: Load, modify, and save such multi-frame GIF images in GcImaging
  • Combine two bitmaps into a single image: Combine two bitmaps into a single image, with addition of Porter Duff compositing and blending algorithms
  • Quantiser Algorithm: GenerateOctreePalette can be used with dithering methods and help reduce the number of unique image colors without overall look
  • Export/import color channels: Export color channels from images, apply modification (brightness or contrast levels), and import the color channel back into the image
  • ICCProfile support: Uses the correct color to display on any devices, embed and extract ICC Profile image data
  • Lightweight image class: Loads pixels on demand; more efficient and lightweight
  • Image histogram: Automatically adjust the right color intensities needed and distribute the tones on the image histogram, with minimal lines of code
  • HatchStyle enumeration: Support 48 Hatch styles that fill image regions

UserGuide | Read Me

Read the full GcImaging release

Learn more about the GcImaging image processing API

GcExcel v2 Service Pack 2 Highlights

The main highlight of the GcExcel service pack is the ability to control pagination and other features while exporting spreadsheets to PDF.

Export Spreadsheets with Shapes to PDF

The updates have been made to both .NET and Java versions.

Other features include:

  • Export spreadsheets with shapes to PDF: Insert arrows, lines, pictures, general shapes, and MS Excel in-built shapes
  • Control pagination and spreadsheet content export to PDF: Control printing specific Excel portions to PDF documents:
    • Render Excel ranges Inside a PDF
    • Print specific pages of Excel to PDF
    • Group customized data range while exporting to PDF
    • Print multiple worksheets to one page in PDF
    • Manage headers on different pages
  • Export different Excel workbooks into one PDF: Export or save different Excel workbooks into a single PDF file with the PrintManagerclass
  • Repeat rows at bottom and columns at right in PDF: Repeat designated information on every page while printing
  • Export formatted pivot tables, style, and field number Format: Distinguish information separately
  • Customize row/column/value Delimited (.csv files): Supports importing and exporting .csv files with any row/cell/column delimiters
  • Support for paste options: Includes various PasteType options with multiple copy/paste content scenarios
  • Control adjusting page breaks: Control whether to adjust page breaks on row/column insertion/deletion using FixedPageBreaks
  • Copy and Move Worksheet: GcExcel API will help to copy and move worksheets programmatically
  • Cut and copy range between workbooks: Easy to cut./copy selective data in any range and re-use in other workbooks
  • Find and replace text: Increased options to perform Find, Replace, Search and Replace options
  • Support for formula/array R1C1 in cell range: Reference R1C1 style formulas for any cell range
  • Support shrink to fit for wrapped text: Shrink text within a cell even when the text is wrapped when exporting to PDF
  • Support more import flags for XlsxOpenOptions: Support importing maximum features while reading spreadsheets:
    • Table
    • MergeArea
    • Style
    • ConditionalFormatting
    • DataValidation
    • PivotTable
    • Shapes
  • Support auto fit/row height/column width API: Automatically determines column width “AutoFit()’ method
  • Preserve OLEObjects: Load, modify and save Excel spreadsheets with OLEOObjects
  • Preserve Japanese Ruby Characters


User Guide | Read Me

GcExcel Java:

User Guide | Read Me

Read the full GcExcel release

GcPdf v2 Service Pack 2 Highlights

New JavaScript PDF Viewer for Web!

GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer (GcDocs PDF Viewer), is a fast, modern JavaScript-based PDF Viewer that can run on any major browser. The viewer can be used as a cross platform solution to view PDF documents on Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android devices in respective browsers. With the power of GrapeCity Documents for PDF server-side API and the client-side viewer, you can achieve full-fledged PDF needs for your application.

JavaScript Documents PDF Viewer

JavaScript PDF Viewer Features:
  • Open PDF
  • Download PDF
  • Page navigation
  • Text selection
  • Pan tool
  • Zoom in/out
  • Zoom by mouse wheel
  • Zoom options - 50%-300%, fit-to-width, fit-page
  • Full screen
  • Print the document
  • View mode - single page and continuous
  • Rotate document
  • Viewer themes (3 in-built themes)
  • Advanced Search with match case/word and search results list box
  • Display title of document
  • Thumbnails
  • Keyboard shortcuts
PDF Features:
  • Attachments
  • Form filling, submit and reset form
  • Print PDF, print filled Form
  • Print rotated document
  • Page labels
  • Article threads
  • Render transparent FormXObject
  • Sound and several annotations
  • JavaScript actions
  • Outlines
  • Text selection
  • Password-protected documents
JavaScript PDF Viewer Supported Web Frameworks:
  • Pure JavaScript
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • ASP.NET Core
  • HTML5
  • React
  • Preact

Additionally, GcPdf includes a host of new features, including:

  • Render PDF to Images: Direct conversion from PDFs to image formats with minimal lines of code
  • Redact Annotation: Add RedactAnnotation to mark text as redaction
  • Import/Export FDF/XFDF Data: Simple method to import/export data
  • Import/Export PDF form Data: Support import/export xml data into and from Forms
  • Remove Signatures: Reuse templates by removing the signatures and keep the signature field

User Guide | Read Me

Read the full GcPdf release

Read the full JavaScript PDF Viewer release

GcWord v2 Service Pack 2 Highlights

GcWord adds more Microsoft Word OM features to the API and content controls support. Easily design form-based word documents and bind with XML data.

New Key Features:

New Types of Content Controls

  • RichText
  • Text
  • Picture
  • ComboBox
  • DropdownList
  • BuildingBlockGallery
  • BuildingBlock
  • Date
  • Group
  • CheckBox
  • Equation
  • Bibliography
  • Citation
  • RepeatingSection
  • RepeatingSectionItem
  • ExternalContentEntityPicker

Support for Content Controls

Creating templates, forms, or documents are some common scenarios executed in MS Word; for example, arranging a school parent/teacher meeting using dynamic forms. The form should be a template that includes the school logo and school name by default, along with the form field labels. The school has thousands of active students and would like to generate a pre-filled field bound to a database in order to send it online.

Document Word API

With the support of Content Controls, forms can now be designed using GcWord. You can add many types of content controls with respective properties to design forms and templates.

New Types of Content Controls

  • RichText
  • Text
  • Picture
  • ComboBox
  • DropdownList
  • BuildingBlockGallery
  • BuildingBlock
  • Date
  • Group
  • CheckBox
  • Equation
  • Bibliography
  • Citation
  • RepeatingSection
  • RepeatingSectionItem
  • ExternalContentEntityPicker

Support Custom XML Parts and XML Mapping

Custom XML parts are used in Word documents to store XML data. Content controls can be bound with these XML parts to generate forms and template documents. A good part of this binding occurs when a user edits the text in the UI of Word document and the corresponding XML element is automatically updated. Similarly, if element values in the custom XML parts are changed, the bound content controls to the XML elements display the new data.

Document Word API

Support for Adding Glossary Documents You may have certain content that you do not want to appear in the Word document, but still want to keep it as part of the document for future insertion as per user action. A Glossary document is a supplementary document storage that stores the definition and content for such content.

Word API - Glossary Documents

User Guide | Read Me

Read the full GcWord release

Shilpa Sharma - Product Manager

Shilpa Sharma

Product Manager
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