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GrapeCity Documents 2023 Roadmap

GrapeCity Documents Product Roadmap

We are excited to share our plans for the year 2023! As businesses and industry continue to distribute data and documents in standard file formats like .pdf, .xlsx, .docx, or image formats (PNG, JPEG, etc.), it is increasingly important for developers to have tools and components allowing them to embed ways to view these documents within applications online, but without the use of a third party tool such as Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

Currently, few tools support standard documents for viewing or editing without significant costs and overhead involved in supporting these formats. Moreover, data generated from Enterprise systems sometimes need to be viewed using specific tools, thus ending up with multiple third-party applications on machines or searching for disparate sources online.

GrapeCity Documents took all of this into consideration while working on adding two major Javascript-based controls to its suite of products; GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer (GcDataViewer) and GrapeCity Documents Image Viewer (GcImageViewer). These viewers help to view data and images respectively in JavaScript-based viewers.

Additionally, GcImageViewer also helps to edit and download images on client-side machines. We have also made many significant additions to GrapeCity Documents APIs - GrapeCity Documents for PDF/Excel/Word/Imaging throughout the year. Look at the What’s New blogs and scan through the new feature set added last year.

With three major releases and 15+ customer-centric maintenance releases last year, GrapeCity Documents continues to lead the way in Document API and automation component needs for business applications. As we enter the new year, GrapeCity Documents is on the path to offering enhanced feature-rich, faster, and more efficient Document APIs and viewer components, providing unparalleled value for developers, companies, and product managers. Look at some key highlights of the new features you can expect.

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GrapeCity Documents for PDF 

GrapeCity Documents for PDF (GcPdf) conforms to a large part of Adobe PDF specification 2.0. Last year, we included support for replacing and deleting text in PDF documents, making the API much easier to use than other third-party tools. We also enhanced support of PDF to SVG and HTML to PDF conversions and updates to Digital signature support. In 2023, we expect to support the following:

  • Fuller coverage of PDF spec
  • More features for PDF optimization
  • Faster loading and processing of PDFs
  • Enhancing replacement of text in PDF documents
  • Digital Signature enhancements
  • Enhanced PDF encryption options

GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer

GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer (GcPdfViewer) supports viewing and editing PDF documents and enables sharing and collaborating on PDF documents in web applications. Last year we added more options for the viewer to review PDF documents using Text markup tools, saving PDF to images, UI enhancements, and more. In 2023, we plan to cover features that help work with PDF documents within the PDF Viewer. The following features are planned:

  • Organizing PDF pages in Viewer in edit mode
  • Client-side document signing API
  • Enhancements to PDF Layers panel
  • Multiple enhancements to editing features

GrapeCity Documents for Excel

GrapeCity Documents for Excel (GcExcel) is a detailed Excel API based on Excel's document object model, allowing developers to generate and work with .xlsx spreadsheets with optimized performance, and a small footprint in .NET 6/7 applications. We extend the feature set to make it possible to achieve more complex use cases for your Excel spreadsheets. GcExcel is available in both .NET and Java with the same feature parity and performance. Here are our plans for 2023:

  • Load and transform data from multiple sources
  • Support more Excel functions
  • Support for more MS Excel features in API
  • Refactoring CalcEngine
  • Refactoring GcExcel Templates
  • Support the new SJS file format to interact with SpreadJS more efficiently
  • More features for GrapeCity SpreadJS integration

GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer

GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer (GcDataViewer), a JavaScript-based client-side viewer, was released last year. The control loads and previews data-related documents like .xlsx, .csv, and SpreadJS .json with Excel and CSV options. We started with supporting standard Excel features and now move on to extend this support to more features. In 2023, we plan to add the following:

  • Support for more data formats
  • Export/Download to other formats
  • More features for working with data files and transforming data
  • Standard vs. Professional License distinctions and respective feature sets

GrapeCity Documents for Word

We have been working on GrapeCity Documents for Word (GcWord) to support a significant part of the Word object model and move it to generate dynamic Word reports from GcWord Report templates support without the need to re-create Word reports from scratch. You can expect the following features in GcWord in 2023:

  • Cover a significant part of Microsoft Word specification
  • Add more features to GcWord Report Templates for calculations and conditional formatting
  • Enhancements in the export of Word to PDF and images

GrapeCity Documents for Imaging

GrapeCity Documents for Imaging (GcImaging) is an imaging library supporting exclusive algorithms for image processing. Last year, we introduced SVG image format, another addition to the formats supported in GcImaging. The plan for 2023 includes the following:

  • Enhancements in SVG DOM
  • More real-time samples and services that demonstrate image processing features

GrapeCity Documents Image Viewer

Last year, GrapeCity Documents released JavaScript-based client-side GrapeCity Documents Image Viewer (GcImageViewer) control to provide an image processing solution. It is a cross-platform solution for viewing and editing Image files in web applications. We started with supporting all major Image formats from a Beta release to a full public release with more options for Image rotation, filters, zoom, editing images, etc. In 2023, we plan the following for the control:

  • More options for Image filters
  • Image editing tools

Watch out for all our new GrapeCity Documents releases through 2023! We hope this article reveals new features and improvements you're excited about for GrapeCity Documents 2023.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please use the comments below. You can also contact us by submitting your questions on the GrapeCity contact page, or if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

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