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Enhance the User Experience using SpreadJS JavaScript Spreadsheet Add-ons

What are SpreadJS Add-Ons?

SpreadJS includes everything a powerful spreadsheet needs and more right out of the box. However, there is some more advanced specialized functionality some of our customers would like to offer their customers. With this in mind, we introduced two optional deployment add-ons that can be purchased separately: Designer Component and PivotTable.

These optional add-ons are not required to use SpreadJS, but those looking for user-facing Designer and PivotTable functionality will find them invaluable. Learn more about these add-ons in the video below:

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Designer Component Add-On

Designer Component Add-On

The SpreadJS Designer is a desktop application included with SpreadJS to make it easy for developers to design and work with spreadsheets. It gives developers the tools to design workbooks that utilize all of the SpreadJS features and import those workbooks into SpreadJS in your application.

After a few releases, we received feedback that developers wanted to provide this same functionality to their users, which is when we released the SpreadJS Designer Component Add-On.

The power of this Add-On is the ability to embed this same ribbon bar and UI functionality into your own web applications, making it easy and intuitive for your customers to customize the spreadsheet.

Specifically, it also provides full customization of designer capabilities in your application: change what users can interact with, add custom menus, display specific messages, and implement custom logic to integrate with your application fully. This customization is easy to use by simply editing the configuration files to suit your needs.

For more information about the Designer Component Add-On, check out these links:

PivotTable Add-On

PivotTable Add-On

PivotTables are powerful tools used primarily for data summarizing and reporting, and they help you organize, extract, and analyze large amounts of data quickly. This was a highly requested feature for SpreadJS, and it very much depended on the user: either you don’t need it in your application, or you do and want to use a lot of the features of it.

Adding a deployment add-on for PivotTables can provide this functionality to your users should they need it. Our goal with this add-on is to match Excel’s PivotTable features, including full customization, report layouts, panels, themes, views, context menus, and more.

For more information about the PivotTable Add-On, check out these links:

Deliver a fully-customized spreadsheet web app, complete with visualizations and calculations. Download Our 30-Day Free Trial Today!


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