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Customizing PageFooter in C1Reports

There are times when the users want to suppress PageFooter conditionally or show different text in the last page's PageFooter in C1Reports. The most common scenario that we have come across is that the users want to display a 'Continued on Next Page...' text on all but the last page of the report. And on the last page they want to display 'End of Report' text in the PageFooter. In this blog we will discuss an approach to do the same in C1Reports. For this, user just need to toggle the text of the field (say TestField), present in the PageFooter Section of the Report. Following are the steps that one should follow :

  1. Add a field in the PageFooter Section
  2. Set it's 'Text' property to : 'Continued on Next Page...’
  3. Next, set the 'Visible' property of the ReportFooter to 'True' and set it’s Height to '1'
  4. Now, on the 'OnPrint’ event of the ReportFooter set the 'TestField.Text = End of Report’

Please note :ReportFooter might/might not contain any field, depending on the Report's Design layout. On previewing the attached xml, following is what the output will look like : OutputImage * the attached Report is bound to the 'Products' table of C1Nwind.mdb Download XML file


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