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ComponentOne Sponsors May 7 Tampa Windows Phone User Group : recap

It was like no other meeting held for the Tampa WPUG. INETA Speaker Chris Gardner delivered a killer presentation on writing games for The Windows Phone. Many developers are at a loss now, that XNA seems to be on the way out. Chris enlightened up on using a similar approach that he invented without using the XNA Libraries and it was well received. Then we had two more guests which made the evening special. Bill Reiss announced he has become the southeast Nokia ambassador and will be a sponsor of the group going forward. Also, James Vertisan attended, now a Millionaire from writing apps and top selling golfer app “Shotly Golf”. He raffled of a Surface and a few phones. We also have a killer special session lined up with him next week on Tuesday May 21 at the Tampa Microsoft office titled “How I became a Millionaire writing apps” and will enlighten us all with some great experience. We have over 100 registered for this event so far and will be the largest Windows Phone user group meeting in the country! For registration and info see… IMG_6186IMG_6188IMG_6189IMG_6190IMG_6191IMG_6192IMG_6195IMG_6199IMG_6201IMG_6204IMG_6206IMG_6208IMG_6210IMG_6212IMG_6213 FuseIMG_6217IMG_6218 Photos for WP7UG May 7, 2013 meeting


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