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ComponentOne 2024 v1 Preview

Starting this year, the ComponentOne product line will have two major releases and four maintenance builds per year. This new release cycle begins with the 2024 v1 release scheduled for early June 2024.

Continue reading for a preview of what highlights and new features will be included.

Same Quantity, Better Quality: Why the Release Cycle Change

Previously, we operated with three major releases and three maintenance (or hotfix) releases per year. The new release cycle will allow us to better prioritize quality with an additional bug-focused release. We will still produce roughly the same quantity of new features and enhancements per year - but it will be split into two major releases rather than three. Ultimately, we will still maintain six total updates per subscription year, and we believe this change will produce a better product overall.

ComponentOne 2024 v1 Preview

Microsoft 365 Themes for WinForms

The biggest highlight of our 2024 v1 release will be a set of brand-new themes modeled after the latest Microsoft 365 (Office) design. The new design features modern, clean lines and rounded corners. You’ll be able to easily adjust the colors between light and dark variations. Below are some prototype images of the white theme.

Microsoft 365 Themes for WinForms

Other WinForms Editions Features

  • C1FlexGrid transposed grid view - a transposed grid flips the rows and columns so that the headers display down the left side and rows display across the screen. This feature will be added to the WinForms version for .NET 8
  • C1DockingTab enhancements (planned, not final)
    • Users will be able to dock tabs along the edges of an already-floated tab window. Currently, it is limited to center/full dock only
    • A new minimum width property will prevent the center-docked tab from being lost due to edge tabs being oversized
  • C1SuperTooltip & Label to support HSL formatted colors (color:hsl()) in our custom HTML engine

C1FlexGrid transposed grid view

FlexGrid for WPF Features

  • FlexGrid for WPF in .NET 6 and .NET 8 will have more features in line with the .NET Framework version
    • Create hierarchical datagrids and “tree grids” using a hierarchical business object and the new ChildItemsPath property
    • Added support for LoadedRows and LoadingRows events

ASP.NET MVC Edition Features

  • FlexChart axis grouping to help organize labels, such as a group labeled “2024” with child labels for each quarter or month

  • FlexGrid export to CSV

MVC FlexChart axis grouping

Blazor Edition Features

  • New FlexViewer control - view FlexReports and PDFs in Blazor using the new FlexViewer control. FlexReport is a fast-paced reporting engine that enables you to generate, preview, export, and print modern and dynamic reports for all your business applications
  • FlexGrid filtering enhancements
    • A new sample will show how to combine the conditional and multi-value filters into a single dropdown
    • An optimized TimePicker component will now be displayed when filtering time values
    • The filter menu visibility will remain even when the column header width is resized too small
  • Accordion control will support a new IsItemExpandedChanged event for more custom behavior handling

WinUI & MAUI Edition Features

  • New FlexChart control for MAUI - our flexible charting library will support MAUI (iOS, Android, WinUI) for the most common features

New Support Features

Stay tuned for details on more support features that we’ll be adding in 2024!

Want to see what ComponentOne has to offer? Download a 30-Day Free Trial Today!

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