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Client API IntelliSense for MVC Controls

IntelliSense helps developers to speed up the process of coding application via code completion and reducing typos and other common mistakes. ComponentOneStudio MVC Edition provides Client API IntelliSense support for all MVC controls, so you get the choice of writing client side code in JavaScript or TypeScript.

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With the 2016 V2 release, we've iintroduced JavaScript IntelliSense. When you install MVC Edition from the C1Studio installer, the JS IntelliSense file for MVC is automatically added to Visual Studio.

Client IntelliSense reference Client IntelliSense reference

This enables client-side API IntelliSense whenever you write script:

Client API IntelliSense Client API IntelliSense

TypeScript IntelliSense

TypeScript is strongly typed, so in the case of MVC controls, the IntelliSense support is superior to JavaScript's. While you're working with the client script in the TypeScript editor, IntelliSense helps you with autocompletion and documentation by displaying the objects, functions, and properties based on your current context. You can select an option from the pop-up list provided by the MVC IntelliSense to complete the code. Check the Enable Client IntelliSense checkbox from the Visual Studio template wizard to use TypeScript IntelliSense for MVC controls in your Visual Studio application. Wizard Wizard Once you check the Enable Client IntelliSense option, it automatically adds c1.mvc.core.lib.d.ts to Scripts\Typings folder. Similarly, orc1.mvc.flexsheet.lib.d.ts files are also automatically added to the folder, in case the user is working on FinancialChart or FlexSheet and have checked Include C1 MVC Finance Library or Include C1 MVC FlexSheet Library checkbox in the ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC Application Wizard. The Add TS File option helps you to use C1 MVC IntelliSense while working with TypeScript files. When you select the Add TS File option, it adds an app.ts file to the Scripts folder that refers to the related .d.ts file. TypeScript IntelliSense TypeScript IntelliSense

There's no doubt that IntelliSense makes life lot easier for every developer. In addition to API IntelliSense support, the MVC controls come with complete documentation for both the server and client side APIs.

Read more in the documentation.


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