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Build Windows with ComponentOne

Microsoft BUILD introduced developers to the future of Windows and ways to take advantage of it. One way is you can use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build Windows applications. The new Metro-style or “immersive” apps are built using these technologies. Great news for Web developers! Web developers, the future is yours Create WebForms, MVC, HTML5/jQuery, and now Windows 8 applications! Using ComponentOne Wijmo (JavaScript UI library), be one of the first to create amazing Windows 8 applications. WPF, Silverlight, and WinForms developers, the future is yours Continue to create WPF, Silverlight, and WinForms applications. Studio for WPF offers everything from high-performing datagrids, charts and scheduler controls to slick layout and navigation controls. If Silverlight is your technology choice, you'll find Studio for Silverlight offers everything you need to create rich media to business applications. Get over 50+ Silverlight controls offering the latest Web UI trends. Perhaps you develop Windows Forms applications? Studio for WinForms continues to strengthen and enhance with the popular FlexGrid control, new Windows 7 Control Pack, and solid .NET reporting.


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