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ActiveReports.NET v16.3 Has Released

We’re happy to announce ActiveReports.NET 16.3, our third service pack for ActiveReports.NET, this year. It is a bit unusual for us to be releasing 16.3 this early, and we will still be having one more service pack around March like we usually do (16.4 in this case), but there was one crucial feature that we couldn’t fit into 16.2 that we wanted to release before 17.0.

RDL Multi-Section Reports

When creating a new report, you should now see an additional option called RDL Multi-Section.

The new RDL Multi-Section report layout will allow you to add independent report sections that have support for different page orientations and sizes, basically allowing you to create multiple RDL reports within one file. This will work for the export in, for example, PDF and Word as well.

Screenshot showing preview of one RDL report with two sections containing the same table displayed in opposite page orientations.

Data sources / Data sets are still configured at the report level; thus, all sections will have access to the same data sources and data sets.

This feature will be useful on its own, but implementing this was also instrumental in laying the groundwork for some exciting new features that will be coming soon. (Sorry, those are secret for now!)

GroupIndex for Tablix and Table

In the Tablix and Table data regions, you can now display row numbers for grouped data by using the GroupIndex function.

As usual, this update also contains fixes for customer-reported issues, which you can find a bit more information about here in the forum post.

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