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3 steps to creating a secure application

Protection of company assets is becoming more important as mobile malware continues to evolve. To head off these types of risks, developers must ensure that their software is secure and has ample measures to deter threats. There are a few steps that programmers can take to safeguard their program while still enabling users to effectively leverage these resources.

1. Begin with security in mind
If app protection is left until the last minute, it's likely to have gaping holes that will act as backdoors for malicious parties. This can lead to significant data losses, fines and other legal consequences. However, by planning out the security measures from the beginning, organizations will be able to better ensure that their assets are kept from harm. Decision-makers, programmers and IT staff should draft a strategy to protect the app while guaranteeing that employees still get the flexibility they require. By doing this, everyone will be on the same page and have a defined goal in mind to strive for. Developers can then directly code safeguards into the application itself.

2. Test throughout the app's lifecycle
Applications are not plug-and-play solutions, they require maintenance for their entire lifecycle. Even after a program has been deployed, developers must regularly test it for any potential bugs that affect performance or may be exploited for data theft. Computerworld contributor J.F. Rice noted that if critical systems haven't been patched, it can force the company to play catch up, leaving them vulnerable to data breaches. However, a regular patching cycle can guarantee that apps are appropriately provisioned with modern security measures to deal with the latest threats.

3. Leverage appropriate security tools
Some features are better than others when it comes to protecting corporate assets. Business Journal contributor Wendy Gauntt suggested using tools like malware scanners, authentication systems and monitoring unsuccessful login attempts. These types of resources will be important in ensuring that only approved users are able to access company programs. Anti-malware solutions will help find any issues early and mitigate them for they cause any damage. With the right tools, developers can help make mobile devices more appealing to organizations and guarantee that important information will be safe.

As threats continue to rise in the mobile marketplace, it will be essential for developers to create apps that defend against these risks. By following these steps, programmers can provide the tools users need to succeed without compromising corporate assets in the process.


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