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Best Practices for Using DataGrids Effectively in .NET Applications

Various options for integrating DataGrids into .NET applications.

Modern developers have wide-ranging industry support for DataGrids in their applications. There are so many control sets available for .NET developers, and all of them include a DataGrid control. Developers are now able to create a grid-based UI across multiple platforms and application types.

Here, we provide various options for integrating DataGrids into .NET applications. Specifically, we explore WinForms-based desktop applications, and also take a look at options using web-based applications using ASP.NET MVC or Blazor. We also consider the pros and cons of building your own DataGrid versus purchasing a commercial DataGrid.

We'll discuss:

  • Incorporating DataGrids into .NET Applications
  • Features and Functionalities of .NET DataGrids
  • Effective Usage of .NET DataGrids
  • Loading Excel Data into a .NET DataGrid
  • and more

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