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Become an OEM Partner

Want to become an OEM Partner? Below are the benefits of teaming up with MESCIUS and the requirements for the partnership.

Why become an OEM partner?

The OEM Partnership Program (Original Equipment Manufacturers) is designed specifically to provide design-time distribution rights to organizations embedding MESCIUS technology into commercially licensed products. By leveraging our solutions and expertise, we’ll work with your team to extend your offering and deliver an exceptional user experience across platforms and devices.

OEM Entitlements

Technical Engagement Engineer

Technical Engagement Engineer is your dedicated expert who will assist you in developing proof of concepts, provide insight into technical issues, and attend support and planning calls.

Partner Account Manager

Your Partner Account Manager will personally manage technical requests, expediting support incidents, and coordinating resources.


Our Prerelease Program entitles you to early access to release bits and eligibility to participate in MESCIUS beta programs and roadmap initiatives.

Executive Advisory Council

Our Executive Advisory Council facilitates private requirements analyses and advisory consulting with senior MESCIUS leaders who will help drive alignment between your business and MESCIUS.

Program Requirements

To participate, your organization must meet certain requirements:

  • Agree to the terms of the MESCIUS Partner Agreement
  • Designate an in-house Relationship Manager to act as a liaison with MESCIUS
  • Agree to a financial commitment, including annual target revenue goals, forecast, and point-of-sale reporting
  • Participate in media activity and briefings with our marketing and communications teams
  • Engage in product planning sessions and semi-annual reviews of software usage