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In This Topic
    ISignature Interface Methods
    In This Topic

    For a list of all members of this type, see ISignature members.

    Public Methods
     MethodCountersign the signature line, if the signature has been signed.  
     MethodDeletes the signature  
     MethodGets a Boolean value indicating whether the user can set properties of the Signature object. Read-only.  
     MethodGets information about a signature. Read-only.  
     MethodGets a value indicating whether this is a signature line. Read-only.  
     MethodGets a Boolean value indicating whether the document was signed successfully. Read-only.  
     MethodDetermines if the digital signature that corresponds to the Signature object is a valid signature.  
     MethodReturns the Parent object for the specified object.  
     MethodGets a @code:ISignatureSetup object that provides access to variousproperties of a signature packet. Read-only.  
     MethodGets the Shape object associated with a Signature object that is a signature line. Read-only.  
     MethodReturns an Object representing the date and time that the digital certificate corresponding to the Signature object was attached to the document.  
     MethodOverloaded. Creates a signature packet for visible signature line.  
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