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In This Topic
    IDataMatrix Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IDataMatrix.

    Public Methods
     MethodGets the size of the ECC000-140 symbol.  
     MethodGets the ECC200 encoding mode.  
     MethodGets the size of the ECC200 symbol  
     MethodGets the ECC mode.  
     MethodGets the file identifier of a related group of structured append symbols. Remarks: The valid file indentifier value should be within [1,254], set file identifier to 0 lets the file identifier of the symbols calculated automatically.  
     MethodGets a value indicating whether the current symbol is part of structured append symbols. Remarks: Structured append is only supported by ECC200.  
     MethodGets the structure number of current symbol within the structuerd append symbols. Remarks: The structure number will only be used when ECC mode is DataMatrixEccMode.ECC200.  
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