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Plot Revenue Over Expenses with a BreakEven Chart for JavaScript Apps

We added a new BreakEven class to the module.

This class represents a Series that can be added to FlexChart controls to show the evolution of profits over time, and how long it takes to reach the break-even point where revenues surpass expenses.

Here's how you can create a BreakEven chart:

var breakEven = new{  
     salesPrice: 20,  
     variableCost: 10,  
     fixedCost: 1000000,  
     style: { fill: 'rgba(0,100,0,0.5)', strokeWidth: 0 }, // Loss Area  
     altStyle: { fill: 'rgba(200,0,0,0.5)', strokeWidth: 0 }, // Profit Area  
     styles: {  
       breakEven: { stroke: 'rgba(69,171,235)', strokeWidth: 3 }  

 var flexChart = new wijmo.chart.FlexChart('#flexChart');  
 flexChart.axisX.title = 'Units';

And this is the result: What's New in FlexChart - New BreakEven Chart

Based on the given data, the break-even point is 100,000 units sold. At that point, revenues and expenses will both be at 2M and will cancel each other out. The profit area is beyond that point.

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Chris Bannon - Global Product Manager

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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