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What's New in GrapeCity Documents for PDF v2

We're happy to announce the new release of GrapeCity Documents for PDF (GcPDF) v2.0.0. GcPDF adds powerful features for PDF documents in .NET Standard 2.0-targeted applications. Let's take a look at some of the new features we've added in this release.

Tagged PDF (PDF/UA)

The Tagged PDF feature helps you tag content in a PDF. This makes it easy to read a PDF by screen reader software, or for users who rely on assistive technology. You can create and load PDF/UA compliant files. You can also create, load, modify tags, and save the document back as PDF.

StructElement seParagraph = new StructElement("P");
seParagraph.DefaultPage = page;
// add it to Part element

// draw TextLayout within tagged content
g.BeginMarkedContent(new TagMcid("P", i));
g.DrawTextLayout(tl, new _Point(20, y));

// add content item to paragraph StructElement
seParagraph.ContentItems.Add(new McidContentItemLink(i));

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Merge and split PDF documents, copy and move pages between documents

In addition to creating large PDFs, GcPDF expands its capability to merge different PDFs into a single PDF file. GcPDF can split large PDF files by page ranges into different PDF files.

Sometimes you may want to reorder pages in your final document. With GcPDF, you can copy and move pages within the PDF document or from one PDF document to another.

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Draw images semi-transparently

GcPDF has always supported drawing images and on-page graphics. With the v2 release, GcPDF adds the ability to draw semi-transparent images. It is now possible to create a semi-transparent watermarks, logos, and images in PDF documents.

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Document-level file attachments

Until now, you were able to add file attachments as annotations to PDF document. These file attachments could give you the location of the document on the system. Now, GcPDF adds the ability to actually embed different formats in a PDF. Once PDF is generated, you can open these files from the PDF itself.

What's new in GrapeCity Documents for PDF

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Extract images from PDF

When there is a big PDF file with lots of images, sometimes it is needed to extract all images from a PDF to upload them online, or for personal use, or to create documents using these images in different file format. GcPdf now adds to it's API, the feature of extracting images from a PDF file.

var docSrc = new GcPDFDocument();
var imageInfos = docSrc.GetImages();

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Extract text from PDF

Sometimes you may need to edit a PDF; however, without a PDF editor this is not possible. GcPDF can extract text from the PDF. Use the text on web pages, word documents, powerpoints, and other documents.

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Find full list of addressed issues and additions in GcPDF v2 release in the release notes

Shilpa Sharma - Product Manager

Shilpa Sharma

Product Manager
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