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What's New in ComponentOne Ultimate: July 2017

It's July, and that means it's time for the second major release of ComponentOne Ultimate. Check out the highlights in the GrapeCity video below.

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ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin Launches

We're pleased to announce the official launch of GrapeCity's newest product line: ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin!

In order to ensure our customers get the fastest, most flexible controls available, Xuni's native mobile development team has directed its focus to developing the best Xamarin controls on the market. This new architecture adds UWP support, provides support for Xamarin’s visual designers, and brings up to twice the performance of the previous version of Xuni.

The newly restructured controls still have all the speed, flexibility, and easy-to-read API of the existing charts, grids, and gauges, but they've been rebuilt to focus specifically on Xamarin. These restructured controls include some new features as well, like the addition of pull-to-refresh and zooming to FlexGrid.

Included in ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin are controls for Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android. Customers can buy Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android as separate editions, but we recommend the full complement of products to achieve the best native mobile reach.

Controls include:

The Xuni product line--which includes Xuni Enterprise, Xuni Xamarin, Xuni iOS, and Xuni Android, will be sunsetted with the launch of ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin. Current license holders will be granted licenses to the new product that corresponds with their current license:

  • Xuni Enterprise and Xuni Xamarin will get ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin
  • Xuni iOS will get Xamarin.iOS Edition
  • Xuni Android will get Xamarin.Android Edition

Read more about ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin.

Reporting & Documents

PDF DocumentSource launches in WinForms, UWP, and WPF

PDF DocumentSource is a PDF component that reads, prints, searches, and exports your PDF documents. It also acts as a key component to load and view your PDFs in FlexViewer, a cross platform viewer that can load report and document types like FlexReport, C1Report, PDF and SSRS Documents.

PDF as viewed in WinForms PDF as viewed in WinForms

Key Features of PDF DocumentSource

  • Easy to load and view PDFs with just a few lines of code
  • No dependency on Adobe Reader on your system
  • Cross-platform support: The same code would work on WinForms, WPF and UWP with minimal differences
  • Read, view, export and print PDFs in .NET Applications without external dependencies
  • Support for embedded fonts (with minor limitations for CFF fonts)
  • Text search and selection in FlexViewer, text search from code
  • Load PDFs from files or streams
  • Support for PDF/A compliant documents
  • Landscape and portrait printing orientations
  • Print PDFs, with print options, from FlexViewer or from code
  • Export PDFs to HTML and image formats (TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF), from FlexViewer or from code
  • Navigation using outlines and hyperlinks in FlexViewer

Read more about PDFDocumentSource.

FlexChartField launches in FlexReport for WinForms, WPF, and UWP

FlexChartField enables users to embed charts into a FlexReport, improving the speed, chart types, and options for data visualization.

Read more in our V1 blog about FlexChartField.

FlexViewer for WPF launches

WPF's launch of FlexViewer completes its full entry into the world of FlexReport--now you can design FlexReports in your code-free FlexReport Designer and view them in your WPF apps. You can also view PDF Files and SSRS Reports in this viewer.

Read more about FlexViewer.

Data Visualization

TreeMap available in WinForms, WPF, and UWP

Display hierarchical information combined with relative quantity with the new FlexChart TreeMap control. Read more: WinForms | WPF | UWP

TreeMap TreeMap

Additional Enhancements

  • FlexChart now supports stacked groups in Bar/Column charts and text wrap in legends. (WinForms, WPF, UWP)


CalendarView, a new feature-rich calendar control with improved performance, launches in WinForms. CalendarView allows the user to select a date or range of dates. The control can display as one month or several months, and provide quick navigation through months and years. Other display options include:

  • Selected dates
  • Bolded dates
  • Disabled dates
  • Annually bolded dates
  • WeekNumbers

CalendarView for WinFormsCalendarView for WinForms

Read more about CalendarView

DateEditor, a flexible date input control that displays the CalendarView control in a dropdown, enables faster date input and selection. This new control has better performance and appearance than old DateEdit from C1Input assembly, but it has a similar API.

The new CalendarView and DateEdit controls support Japanese calendars and Eras and other non-Gregorian calendars.

DateEditor for WinFormsDateEditor for WinForms

Read more about DateEditor

ComboBox now supports partial search support:

ComboBox for WinFormsComboBox for WinForms

Read more about ComboBox.

Additional Enhancements

  • Maps now supports a REST API
  • Gauges have been updated with a flat theme
  • GanttView now provides a backColor for specific days of the week.
  • True DBGrid now supports a footer row in the SaveExcel method.
  • Ribbon now supports scrolling when the ribbon is smaller than the tab area.

New Demos

  • Software Development Plan uses GanttView to plan out a software release plan
  • C1WordX demonstrates how to use the C1Editor control to build a rich text editor.
  • MapSample illustrates multiple uses for Map for WinForms
  • StockChart allows you to explore advanced features of FinancialChart.
  • Download the WinForms Demo Explorer (exe) to your desktop


FlexGrid now includes the RowDetailsTemplate feature, a common feature in the most XAML data grids. With the current version, RowDetailsTemplate can be set from the XAML with no code-behind required.

FlexGrid RowDetails in WPF and UWPFlexGrid RowDetails in WPF and UWP

Read more about FlexGrid.

WPF Enhancements

Office 2016 Themes

Provide modern styling in your XAML apps with Office 2016 themes for WPF! Themes include both light and dark styling. Read more.

Project Templates

We've added a couple of project templates including a "Grid with Menu Template" and "Docking," so you can get started quickly with our FlexGrid and Docking controls respectively. Read more.

Project Templates for WPFProject Templates for WPF


  • We've added several new customer requested features:
  • A property for BackColor for specific days
  • Legend and View tab have been added to the Print Dialog
  • Added new Custom Print Styles
  • Read more about GanttView for WPF.

New Demos


TreeView control launches in ASP.NET MVC

Recently launched in Wijmo and WinForms, users can now easily build interactive hierarchical lists that can include check boxes, images, text, or HTML.

TreeView for ASP.NET MVCTreeView for ASP.NET MVC

Read more about TreeView for ASP.NET MVC

New MultiAutoComplete for ASP.NET MVC

Recently launched in Wijmo, MultiAutoComplete enables users to perform and select multiple autocomplete input operations within the same control.

MultiAutoComplete for ASP.NET MVCMultiAutoComplete for ASP.NET MVC

Read more about MultiAutoComplete for ASP.NET MVC

FlexViewer for ASP.NET MVC now includes PDFViewer capability

View your PDFs in FlexViewer's new PDFViewer, which includes printing, exporting to HTML and image formats, document rotation, and zoom by selection.


Read more about FlexViewer.

Additional Enhancements

  • ASP.NET MVC will also include new project templates for FlexGrid model binding, AJAX binding, and a spreadsheet. Read more.
  • Users will be able to instantiate the scaffolder from views to update a view with C1 MVC controls. This feature adds an MVC control to existing view and updates corresponding controller. Read more.

Wijmo supports Angular 4 and TypeScript 2.2

In keeping with Wijmo's commitment to the current technologies, as of May 2017, Wijmo controls support Angular version 4 and TypeScript v2.2!

Accessibility support released in FlexGrid

Wijmo's FlexGrid now meets ARIA standards for accessibility according to the grid guidelines. We've worked with our partner, Microsoft, and other key companies to ensure that FlexGrid meets their strict requirements, as well. After many iterations, we've successfully created a grid that all modern accessibility tools can interpret extensively. We have also added keyboard shortcuts so that FlexGrid feels familiar to all end users.

Built-in ARIA 1.1 support has been added to the following controls:

Added two new properties to improve FlexGrid keyboard accessibility: keyActionTab and keyActionEnter. These properties allow you to customize the behavior of special keys so the grid becomes more accessible or more compatible with Excel.

Added a new property to improve FlexGrid screen-reader accessibility: rowHeaderPath. If provided, this property specifies the name of a binding to use as a provider of ‘row header’ accessibility values. If not provided, most readers will use the content of the first visible column as the row header.

E-Book Published! "How to Select the Best JavaScript Framework for Your Team"

This 40+ page free e-book teaches you about the strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript’s top frameworks and offers a methodology for selecting which framework works best for your team and project.



Additional Enhancements

  • LearnWijmo, an interactive library of fiddles, allows users to learn and experiment with Wijmo controls.
  • TreeMap chart, which displays hierarchical information combined with relative quantity, has been released. Read more about TreeMap.

See full What's New in Wijmo.

Complete Release Histories

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