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Top advantages offered by HTML5

Today's business employees expect access to customized, secure applications that will provide the tools necessary for them to complete daily tasks. However, as organizations work with developers to create these programs, there comes the inevitable question of which coding language to use. Some app creators will generally opt for a native code, but some are branching out with HTML5, and here's why:

Improved accessibility
Codrops contributor Patrick Cox noted that HTML5 not only makes it easier for developers to establish accessible sites, but also improves screen readers' access to content. This is due to the language's new headings that make pages more streamlined and navigable.

Additionally, as every widely utilized browser today supports HTML5, users can connect with online content no matter the platform being leveraged. Even aging systems like older versions of Internet Explorer have components in place to support HTML5, providing a cross-platform accessibility unmatched by other codes. Also, as mobile endpoints continue to permeate nearly every facet of life, mobile browsers have completely adopted HTML5 for online projects as well.

Enhanced user data tracking
More organizations today are leveraging user information for a variety of purposes, including to better tailor products or services and streamline a range of processes. Whereas in the past, these groups had to utilize cookies to track user data of this kind, HTML5 improves on this practice by reducing cookie size to make this content more manageable, noted HTML 5 Arena. Using tools like sessionStorage and localStorage, developers can create a temporary database to store unique user information for later utilization.

Advance the user experience
Cox also pointed out that HTML5 provides tools that can help creators better their programs and websites for an enhanced, more advanced user experience. Using capabilities like HTML5's tag, and other native APIs like drag and drop, browser history management and timed media playback, developers are able to establish a more interactive, dynamic Web app.


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