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The Future of Angular 14

Angular receives massive amounts of developer requests from the Angular community, Google, and open source communities. Angular tends to accomplish release after release by bringing together representation from dev relations, product managers, and engineers to prioritize the 'asks' and strategize a roadmap and timelines.

Fresh off the heals of the early November Angular v13 release, there are many new and exciting enhancements in progress with hopes of launching with Angular v14.

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Better Developer Ergonomics for @angular/forms

This goal is to find a way to implement stricter type checking for reactive forms with minimal backward-incompatible implications.

How can that help developers? Three things:

  • Catch more issues during development time
  • Enable better text editor and IDE support
  • Improve the type checking for reactive forms

Simplified Angular Mental Model | Optional NgModules

Wouldn't it be nice to make NgModulaes optional? Why you ask. Developers can develop standalone components and implement an alternative API for declaring the component's compilation scope.

Enhanced Angular Material Components by Integrating MDC Web

Created by Google's Material Design team, the MDC Web is a library providing reusable primitives for building Material Design components. Under development incorporating primitives into Angular Material. Using MDC Web aligns Angular Material with:

  • Material design specification
  • Expands accessibility
  • Improves component quality

Launch Advanced Compiler Diagnostics

Extend the diagnostics and introduce conformance and accuracy checks to elevate correctness and conformance checks.

Improve Angular DevTools' Integration

The Angular team is testing moving the codebase to the angular/angular mono repository, transitioning Angular DevTools to Bazel, and integrating the existing processes and CI pipeline.

angular 14

The Future of Angular As Soon as Angular v14

Revamp Performance Dashboards to Detect Regressions

Refinement of the existing infrastructure the dashboards step on this will ensure that the framework's runtime does not regress after a code change.

Full Framework Capabilities With Zone.js Opt-Out

The Angular plan is to design and implement a plan to make Zone.js optional from Angular applications. A simplified framework will:

  • Improve debugging
  • Reduce application bundle size
  • Utilize the built-in async/await syntax (Zone.js doesn’t currently support it)

Improved Build Performance With PGC as a TSC Plugin Distribution

Distributing the Angular compiler as a TypeScript compiler plug-on will significantly reduce maintenance costs and elevate developers' build performance.

Support Adding Directives to Host Elements

Soon and very soon, maybe as early as Angular 14, we could have the ability to add directives to host elements. How great would it be for developers to augment their components without using inheritance?

Ergonomic Component Level Code-Splitting APIs

Web application usually results in slow initial load time. A solution is to improve this frustration is to apply more granular code-splitting on a component level.

Publish Guides on Advanced Concepts

This is one of my favorite future features for Angular. A deep dive guide on change detection. Sounds impressive, right? Angular plans are to develop content for the performance profiling of Angular applications. Cover how change detection interacts with Zone.js and explain when it gets triggered, how to profile its duration, as well as standard practices for performance optimization.

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