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What's New in SpreadJS v12 Service Pack 1

SpreadJS Version 12 Service Pack 1, our enterprise JavaScript spreadsheet, has been released! This release includes several new features that have been requested by our users, as well as some bug fixes. These features are divided into runtime features and SJS Designer features.

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Runtime Features

Double-Click Auto-Fill

Filling data was already a part of SpreadJS, but now we have added the ability for users to double-click on fill indicators in order to auto-fill data.

Figure 1

Data Validation

Different cell highlighting types have been added to the data validation in SpreadJS. This includes circle, dogear, and icon.

Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4

Read more about data validation enhancements.
Number and Date Display Enhancement

The way that numbers and dates are displayed in SpreadJS has been enhanced. When numbers are too big to fit in a cell, they will be changed to fit properly.

Figure 5

Clipboard Paste

Two types of clipboard pasting have been added, allowing users to copy and paste only values and formatting, or only formula and formatting.

Designer Features

Subtotal Function

The Excel-like Subtotal functionality has been added to the Designer, allowing users to insert subtotals into their sheets.

Figure 6

Data Validation Highlight Style

With the runtime data validation highlight style we have also added a menu in the designer to support it.

Figure 7

Clipboard Option Enhancement

New clipboard pasting options have been added to the designer in both the ribbon menu and the context menu.

Figure 8 Figure 9

Blank Table Style

A blank table style has been added to the list of table styles that can be applied.

Figure 10

Status Bar

A status bar has been added to both the runtime and designer implementations. In addition to displaying information about the selected cells, a context menu has also been added. The status bar can be customized to fit specific needs.

Figure 11 Figure 12

Read more about the status bar.

Angular 7

SpreadJS has now been tested with the latest version of Angular 7. This release includes support for all SpreadJS properties and events, as well as the Angular CLI.

For a detailed listing of fixed issues, please see the Release Notes.

Kevin Ashley - Spread Product Manager

Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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