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SpreadJS 12.2.5 Available

SpreadJS Build 12.2.5 is now available for download in the DevChannel and on the download page.

Bugs fixed in 12.2.5

  • 763: Chart labels no longer disappear after moving the chart’s data range and then undoing
  • 1117: Can now handle undo operation for adding/deleting row/column correctly
  • 1249: Formulas now calculated correctly after using the “doNotRecalculateAfterLoad” flag
  • 1452: Fonts no longer change abnormally when setting conditional formatting
  • 1510: The value of “oldSelections” of the “SelectionChanged” event is now correct after drag-fill operation
  • 1527: The value of “rowList” of the “RowHeightChanged” event is now correct when resizing the header row when multiple rows are selected
  • 1558: Date format is exported correctly when applied at the column level
  • 1564: Shape borders are no longer missing when exporting to PDF
  • 1576: The “refersTo” property of a custom name using the name manager can now be edited
  • 1577: Cells no longer freeze when entering an invalid expression into the cells using the setFormula() function
  • 1620: The style no longer results in an error after exporting to Excel when using the headerStyle property in Angular
  • 1631: FORMULATEXT formula now works for cross-sheet references

Get the SpreadJS 12.2.5 Update

Kevin Ashley - Spread Product Manager

Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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