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SpreadJS Hotfix 11.2.5 Available

SpreadJS Hotfix 11.2.5 is now available for download in the DevChannel and on the download page.

Bugs fixed in 11.2.5

  • 261841: Fixed a bug with the “COUNTBLANK” formula.
  • 262583: Fixed performance issues with the “SUMIFS” formula.
  • 262253: Fixed performance of worksheet operations.
  • 261559: Fixed an issue with importing a combination chart from Excel.
  • 258595: Fixed a zooming issue.
  • 262719: Fixed a problem with the “RANK” formula.
  • 263024: Fixed an issue with the “COUNTIF” formula.
  • 263441: Fixed a problem with Excel values changing when importing.
  • 262888: Fixed Excel importing issues.
  • 263870: Fixed issues preventing the sheet object initializing in the workbookInitialized event.

Get the SpreadJS Hotfix

Kevin Ashley - Spread Product Manager

Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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