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SpreadJS DevChannel Hotfixes Available

The Spread DevChannel is a great way to get hotfixes and preview new features. We've just released several previews. To gain access to the DevChannel, register or login to your account.

For the listing of fixed issues, please see Release Notes here.

Bugs fixed in 11.0.1:

  • 251648: Fixed an issue where PDF images are not clear when saved.
  • 51907: Fixed an issue where dragfill showed #ref in the cells.
  • 251428: Fixed JSON template not loading completely.
  • 251638: Fixed an issue where column width couldn't be adjusted on frozen columns.
  • 251407: Fixed an issue where hidden columns couldn't be unhidden.
  • 251042: Fixed an issue where the Y axis is opposite to the X axis in the bar chart in the designer.
  • 251042: Fixed differences between Excel files before and after import.
  • 250552: Fixed slow import when there are a lot of styles.
  • 251640: Fixed an invalid tag in the context menu in the designer.
  • 251124: Fixed a iOS Safari issue where a cell click event doesn't fire when clicking on a filter button (it does in Chrome).
  • 251394: Fixed an issue where column groups are not shown correctly after Excel import.

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Sean Lawyer

Sean Lawyer

Product Manager
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