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SpreadJS 2014v3 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Spread 2014v3 has landed! SpreadJS 2014 v3 is the third release of 2014, has foundation enhancements and lots of great features based on customer feedback, such as: JSON data schema, SpreadJS API TypeScript definition, touch enhancement, Table binding, 8 new sparklines, 26 new formula functions, and more. Features in this release includes:

  • JSON Data Schema Provides the schema describes SpreadJS JSON data format, makes the SpreadJS JSON data clear and useful for human and machine-readable documentation, and also provides complete structural validation, and is useful for generating SpreadJS JSON data with code, automated testing and validation of the JSON data. API TypeScript Definition Provides a SpreadJS API TypeScript definition file to help developers have better coding experience in TypeScript projects, with strongly-typed access and better intelligence. Table Binding This is a big improvement in cell level binding. Now you can have two-way binding on the sheet table to bind a collection type data field in CellBindingSource data source. 8 New Sparklines Adds 8 new sparklines, those provide a nice visualization for your data, and a simple chart to present the value in spreadsheet cells. 26 New Formula Functions Adds 26 new formula functions which Microsoft added in Excel 2010. Now SpreadJS has 357 functions. Custom Culture Provides a culture info class which can be used to define culture related symbols like currency symbol, number decimal separator, month name, date time patter and so on. More...

For more details in this release, please visit the what's new page. And you can also visit SpreadJS product page for more information of the product.


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