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What's New in SpreadJS 12 Service Pack 2

We're pleased to announce the release of SpreadJS v12 sp2. We've been working hard to add requested and new features to expand how you use SpreadJS—it's so much more than a spreadsheet.

What's New in SpreadJS v12 Service Pack 2

We've added a few user-requested features and enhancements! These enhancements include:

  • Printing Enhancements
  • Drag-Fill Enhancements
  • Wrap-Text Hyphenation
  • Language Packages
  • Custom Localization
  • Chart Symbol Enhancements
  • 3rd Party Library Support Enhancements

Printing Enhancements

Printing in SpreadJS has been enhancement with a new event, print preview lines, printing info for the page, and background watermark images. With the new BeforePrint event, printing can be cancelled after it is initiated. With print preview lines, dotted lines are drawn in the workbook to show where pages end when printed out. The print info now includes API to show the printing range of cells for each page, and the background watermark image can now be added when printing a page. For more information about this enhancement see the Print Enhancement Blog.\


Drag-Fill Enhancements

Drag-filling in SpreadJS has been enhanced with support for days of a month, strings with numbers, and custom lists. Drag-filling dates will fill in the rest of the month where appropriate. Strings that have numbers at the beginning or end can be filled correctly in sequence. With custom lists, a developer can create a specific set of data to drag fill a range of cells with. To see more about these enhancements, see the Drag-Fill Enhancements Blog.


Wrap-Text Hyphenation

When text in a cell is hyphenated and it is set to wrap, changing the column width will ensure that the text is wrapped with the hyphens:


Language Packages

18 new language packages have been added to the calculation engine in SpreadJS. This includes localized function names and syntax for structured references for spreadsheets for specific languages. These languages include Chinese, Portuguese, and German, just to name a few. To see the full list of supported languages and more details, see the Language Package Blog.

Custom Localization

With custom localization, displayed properties and words in the SpreadJS instance can be customized with specific languages. By default, the only languages in SpreadJS were English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, but this features gives developers control over what languages are shown. To see more information about how to implement custom localization, see the Custom Localization Blog

Chart Symbol Enhancements

Support for chart symbols has been added with SpreadJS v12 Service Pack 2. This allows developers to choose the types of symbols that are displayed in place of the markers for charts like Line, Scatter, and Radar. The markers can be changed to things like Circles, Diamonds, Squares and Triangles:


3rd Party Library Support Enhancements

Spread can be used with Angular, Vue, and React. With Service Pack 2, we have added more options when using Spread in these frameworks, allowing control over more features than was possible before.

To get access to these features and enhancements, download SpreadJS v12 Service Pack 2 today!

Kevin Ashley - Spread Product Manager

Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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