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Spread 11 Releases

We're pleased to announce the final major GrapeCity release in 2017: Spread.NET 11 and SpreadJS 11!

Spread Studio is now Spread.NET 11

The first big news: Spread Studio is now Spread.NET! It's a better descriptor of our suite of .NET spreadsheet components, and so we've implemented a new name. In addition, all developer licenses for Spread.NET 11 now also include a full year of maintenance support, which includes both phone support and the next major release of Spread.NET.

SpreadJS 11 includes a distribution license with purchase of a new developer license

By popular demand, SpreadJS now includes one distribution license and one testing license with each new developer license. You won't have to purchase a separate distribution license when you're ready to deploy to your single domain, and you can still purchase additional domains when you're ready to expand. Get the details.

Pricing has been updated to reflect the addition of maintenance to Spread.NET and the inclusion of the distribution license. See pricing updates.

462 functions now available in Spread.NET 11 and SpreadJS 11

We've added more than 130 new calculation functions, bringing the total number to 462, more than any other spreadsheet solution. New support for array formulas (entered using Ctrl+Shift+Enter) enable advanced matrix and array calculations. The new CircularFormula event fires to inform the developer when the user enters a formula that creates a circular reference.

Array Formulas Now Supported

Spread.NET 11: 80% faster, fraction of memory

Thanks to our complete engine rewrite, Spread.NET can handle your biggest, most complex spreadsheets, faster than ever before, and using less memory too – performance improvements up to 80% faster and using a fraction of the memory! Spread.NET 11 can import, export, and calculate your Excel documents faster than ever before. Read more.

Spread.NET also includes a host of other updates, including workbook protection, enhanced data validation, and drag-fill enhancements. Read the full What's New blog.

SpreadJS 11 supports charts!

Spread Sheets now includes charting support and can import and export native Excel files with charts. With Spread Sheets, customers can make changes to those charts, and developers are given the tools to add and edit charts with the Spread Sheets Designer. New charts include column, bar, line, pie, doughnut, area, scatter, bubble, stock, and combination.

Combination charts

Read more about chart support and other SpreadJS enhancements.

Coming soon: Spread.Services supports SpreadJS 11 JSON

Next week's Spread.Services service pack includes expanded JSON support for SpreadJS 11 and more! Spread.Services allows you to programmatically generate spreadsheets on the server; as a SpreadJS upgrade, you can view and edit these spreadsheets in the browser. Learn more about Spread.Services

Get Spread.NET 11 and SpreadJS 11 today!

Download Spread.NET 11

Download SpreadJS 11

Jody Handley

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