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Spread 8 COM and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

You can use the Spread 8 COM control in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 with Microsoft Windows 10. Spread Windows Forms is a .NET control and is a better option; however, you may have older code or projects where you need to use Spread 8 COM. Use the following steps to create a new project in Visual Studio 2015 and add the Spread 8 COM control.

  1. Select File, New, and then Project in Visual Studio 2015. filenew New Project
  2. Select Windows under the Visual C# or Visual Basic sections. Then select Windows Forms Application. Specify a name and location and then select OK. windowsforms Windows Forms Application
  3. Right click on the Toolbox and select Choose Items… chooseitems Add Item
  4. Select Farpoint Spread 8.0 from the COM Components tab. Then select OK. comtab Components
  5. Select Spread and drag it to the form from the Toolbox. dragcontrol Toolbox controlform Form with Spread Control
  6. Select MSDATASRC and stdole references in the Solution Explorer and set Embed Interop Types to False. Msdatasrc Reference stdole Reference
  7. Select Project and Properties. projectprop Project Properties
  8. Verify that the Prefer 32-bit option is checked under the Build menu. Buildsetting Build Options
  9. Add code and run the project. This code creates multiple headers and adds header text.


axfpSpread1.MaxCols = 8;  
axfpSpread1.MaxRows = 12;  
axfpSpread1.ColHeaderRows = 3;  
axfpSpread1.RowHeaderCols = 2;  
axfpSpread1.AddCellSpan(1, -1000, 8, 1);  
axfpSpread1.SetText(1, -1000, "Fiscal Year 2015");  
axfpSpread1.AddCellSpan(1, -999, 2, 1);  
axfpSpread1.SetText(1, -999, "1st Quarter");  
axfpSpread1.AddCellSpan(3, -999, 2, 1);  
axfpSpread1.SetText(3, -999, "2nd Quarter");  
axfpSpread1.AddCellSpan(5, -999, 2, 1);  
axfpSpread1.SetText(5, -999, "3rd Quarter");  
axfpSpread1.AddCellSpan(7, -999, 2, 1);  
axfpSpread1.SetText(7, -999, "4th Quarter");  
axfpSpread1.SetText(1, -998, "East");  
axfpSpread1.SetText(2, -998, "West");  
axfpSpread1.SetText(3, -998, "East");  
axfpSpread1.SetText(4, -998, "West");  
axfpSpread1.SetText(5, -998, "East");  
axfpSpread1.SetText(6, -998, "West");  
axfpSpread1.SetText(7, -998, "East");  
axfpSpread1.SetText(8, -998, "West");  
axfpSpread1.AddCellSpan(-1000, 1, 1, 12);  
axfpSpread1.SetText(-1000, 1, "Store #");  

complete Completed Project


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