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Set User Categories

This section describes how individual users can organize reports their way by creating user categories.

Create a user category

Log in as Sales role member joe, and click the Quick Start category. Click the Create button to create a user category. Logged in as Sales role user joe, the Quick Start system category is selected, and the Create button is highlighted.

Add a category

In the Add/Edit Category dialog that appears, enter Sales Reports as the Name. Make sure that the Location is Quick Start and click the Add/Update button. The Add/Edit Category dialog with the Name and Location settings highlighted and the Add/Update button highlighted. This way, the Sales Reports category is added under the Quick Start node. Shows the user category added under the Quick Start category.

Note: Categories that you add in the Report Portal are called user categories, and are saved in the settings for the logged-in user. They do not affect the system categories. If you log in as jimmy, the Sales Reports category is not visible. Also, if you mouse over the user category, a button appears on the right side. If you click the button, a pop-up menu is displayed as below, and you can delete or edit the category. User Category Menu System categories (categories created in the Administrator Portal) cannot be edited or deleted from the Report Portal.

Change a report category

If you go back to the Quick Start category and click the Sales Person Performance Report, you can see report details in the right pane. In the right pane, click the Categories tab at the top to display the category list, select Sales Reports, and click the Apply button. With a report in the Quick Start category selected, the Categories tab is selected in the right pane, and the Sales Reports category is selected.

Confirm the category change

When you click the Sales Reports category, the Sales Person Performance Report appears. Confirming that the Sales Person Performance Report appears in the Sales Reports user category. Back to ActiveReports Server Quick Start Previous: User Login | Next: Schedule Template Setup


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